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I've not played either of them, in fact I've not played a Simcity since 2. Should I wait for the server issues to be fixed and then get the new one or pay for 4 for a much reduced price? Does it still hold up?

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Yeah, it's better.

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I'd take 4 over the new one, for sure.

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I would say "different". Some of the features in SimCity are great while others are far less desirable.

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Sim City seems like a game totally designed around the limitation of needing to be constantly online. For the 90% of fans who probably only care about single player, I don't see how a stripped down version of Sim City could be considered superior.

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@excast said:

Sim City seems like a game totally designed around the limitation of needing to be constantly online. For the 90% of fans who probably only care about single player, I don't see how a stripped down version of Sim City could be considered superior.

Pretty much this. A lot of the visual stuff in the new game is really top notch from what I've seen, but it's still just too dumbed down and limited for me to even consider it a proper Sim City game.

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I've started playing 4 recently and have been getting my ass kicked. I generally try to do what the advisers recommend, so I don't know if I'm just completely missing something or what.

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I had the urge to build something. I played RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 just now. Still fun. :)

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I didn't know SimCity 4 was well-loved. I thought I was in a minority!

I do actually really love SimCity 3000 Unlimited and SimCity 2000 both, though, so I don't think 4 can one-up them. There were some really great SimCity 4 mods that basically made the game a pretty great, extreme simulator.

And I definitely like what I've played so far about the latest SimCity, I just don't know where exactly I stand on this topic yet since I haven't played enough yet. I see potential but I also see wasted potential, so I might be inclined to say SimCity 4 is superior at this point.

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I played some of the beta of the new SimCity. As a simulation it is incredibly complex from power, to water, to traffic. But as a game and as an overall product SimCity 4 beats it in every single way. There are some things the new SimCity does right, like adding modules to buildings like the police station to increase patrol cars and jail cells limiting the number of police stations you have to build in comparison to SimCity 4 where you really have to build them every 10 blocks or so.

But always on DRM where you absolutely have to connect to EA servers, limited 2kmx2km city sizes, the potential for DLC or microtransactions to make the game go from 60 dollars to up and above 100 dollars completely takes away any redeeming qualities of the new SimCity when there were very few to begin with. Just buy SimCity 4, it's a better game.

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If it was the mechanics from Sim City 5 mixed with the scope of Simcity 4, it would be the best game ever.

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Despite the truly sad situation of their drm I think this one is superior over 4. I'm sure people's opinions are bias right now, especially with the issues last night. Although I'm sure there are plenty of people who will like 4 over this. They have streamlined the most annoying stuff in 4 without taking out the depth (having power, water and sewage go through roads). Yes the cities are small but the interaction between the cities is super interesting how you create an interconnected network. I'm still wrapping my head around everything so my cities are decen but not great. Overall though when you can actually play the game, it's a blast

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Sim City 4, a game that's 10 years old and a third of the price of Sim City is a better Sim City game.

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I had SimCity 4 before and I enjoyed it, but I'm curious, what is the best SimCity game? I thought the new one would be promising but its not for me. So now I've got this itch and I don't know how to scratch it. Should I re-buy Simcity 4, or an older Simcity game?

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In my opinion SimCity 2000 Windows version is the best in the series. SimCity 4 shines due to the amazing amount of custom mod work the community has contributed since its release. I think SimCity '5' could've been something similar to 'SimCity Online', and something that bridges SimCity 4 to its true successor.

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If it was the mechanics from Sim City 5 mixed with the scope of Simcity 4, it would be the best game ever.

That is a true statement if I've ever seen one.

For now, SimCity 4 is much better since it's actually playable. Once SimCity gets its servers in order, I can make an argument for SimCity being the better game.

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Even though they share a name, they are pretty different games. The scope is completely different and so many people just don't get it yet. They are trying to play this game like SC4 and are complaining when it doesn't work out the same way. I think it is a fine game so far. I think SC4 is great too. As for now, I think I prefer this new game over SC4 because it has made some really smart iterative improvements. Opinions, yo.

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They share the same name, but are not the same game. People just don't care to accept it, or refuse outright.

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SimCity 4 isn't all that good, i have a feeling people might be remembering it more fondly or using it as an easy comparison against how stripped down the new one is.

If you're after some larger freedom SimCity 4 is probably the way to go, but it lacks focus objective wise.

I like the way Alex put it in the review, the new one seems like it would be a good "multiplayer" option of a game that would ideally have a larger solid singleplayer campaign.

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Just remember that the SimCity 4 we all remember and/or still play today is not SimCity 4 as it was on day 1. SC4 has seen the benefit of several patches, one full expansion pack, additional free official content, and nearly ten years worth of mods / user-generated content.

Sure, a number of things about the new SimCity are fundamental differences, compared to SC4 and previous installments, and months or years from now, some people will still prefer SC4. (Just as many still prefer 3000 or 2000 over 4.) I really like SimCity 4, and still play it off and on to this day, but it isn't/wasn't all sunshine & roses.

A few quotes from Gamespot's original SimCity 4 review (spoilered to save space):

  • "However, due to the presence of some stability and performance issues, as well as a few noticeably lacking features, SimCity 4 doesn't seem as polished as it could have been."
  • "SimCity 4 tries to make things even easier on you by automatically inserting streets, giving larger zones a gridlike pattern. This is a mixed blessing, since these auto-built streets often don't line up as you try to construct adjacent zones, leaving your city with bits of wasted space here and there, at least until you get used to dealing with this feature. And since city maps in SimCity 4 are smaller overall than in previous SimCity games—probably a necessary limitation due to the fine level of detail you'll see down to individual houses and sims—that wasted space could be a big missed opportunity for your city. Plus all the extra roads can really hose your budget early on. The auto-roads feature really should have been optional."
  • "[T]he MySim mode seems like an afterthought. The game also promises cooperative multiplayer support, but this isn't actually ready yet. Experienced SimCity players might also go in expecting to have numerous prebuilt cities available from the get-go, as well as stand-alone scenario options, but none of this is present in the game."
  • "It also seems rather rushed, in that you'll likely run into obvious performance issues during play. At worst, the game might not even boot up--incompatibility with the anti-aliasing features of certain video cards can cause this to happen. Crashes to desktop also aren't entirely uncommon, and graphical glitches crop up from time to time. Plus the game just runs sluggishly as you start to really build up, penalizing you rather than rewarding you for managing to build a big city. Though you'll witness some incredibly detailed graphics at the closest zoom level, transitions between zoom levels are ungainly, and you'll see a mosaic effect gradually wash over the screen. The game's camera can also be unusually unresponsive while you scroll around your city."
  • "It's too bad that some players will invariably get soured on the experience due to some of the bugs and the missing or underdeveloped features and options."

Of course, that's not the whole review, which is positive overall. Just a few examples of what people were complaining about when SC4 first launched. Some of these are still present in the game, but it has improved in other ways, over the years.

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@wraithtek: Good quotes, kind of funny how history repeats itself. Overall I think that SimCity may not be better than 4, depending on what you're looking for, but the things they are doing with the simulation makes for a great foundation for whatever future it has. Although I will say they kind of shot themselves in the foot with the online thing for release. Considering how much leeway time they give you to reconnect to the server in game (I disconnected for like an hour and it still was playing) I don't see it being an issue a week from now. For now though, it ranges anywhere from kind of working to terrible.

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I loved Sim City 4, I have probably spent more hours playing that than any other game, and I haven't played much of the new Sim City but the biggest problem with Sim City 4 was the end game, you could never just maintain a large city. And having listened to some of the Maxis live streams, Sim City 4 was just a large excel doc in graphical form and that probably explains why you could never get a city and maintain if after it was huge. Saying that I loved Sim City 4. I hope I can find some love for the new Sim City, I really hope so.