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I ask because whiskey media is no more. I was charged twice for my premium membership (perhaps because I recently also changed my name from "boogiewithstu"?), and I'd like to get the problem fixed. I don't know if "support@whiskeymedia.com" is used anymore.

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@GalacticGravy: The people on the CBSi side of the split have no access to Whiskey Media, that's all on the Tested side, owned by BermanBraun.

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Hm...That's where the billing area says to contact. I sent an email just in case, but does anyone know who I should contact?

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Try at mod? Worst case scenario is they can't do anything about it but should direct you to someone who can.

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I actually found a form on the FAQ pages. I put the request into that, too.

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I believe support@whiskeymedia.com redirects to the Giant Bomb side. It certainly did immediately after the switch-over, but things might have changed since then.

Either way, the support form at https://auth.giantbomb.com/support/ will definitely reach the right people, and failing that david.snider@cbsinteractive.com will get you directly in touch with Dave.

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@GalacticGravy: A couple of weeks ago a contacted that email about a billing issue and ryan got back to me in about a week. Not sure if they have since changed it though.

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Awesome. Thanks guys.

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If they can't fix it, reach out to your credit card. Say you were charged twice. Same thing happened to me with NHL GameCenter 2 years ago, CC dealt with it.