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A while back, I started looking for Psi-Ops online. I checked out the list of commercial games that went freeware on Wikipedia, which says the game is still available af FilePlanet. I've been looking around for the freeware version for a while now, and every time I go to the FilePlanet link it redirects to the home page. Is there an alternate way to get the freeware version, of is Wikipedia wrong?

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@Sysyphus: Thanks for the list, good stuff.

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It was ad-supported, and the servers have long since been taken offline. Additionally, most sites that carried it where asked to remove it (along with The Suffering and Area 51) by the current rights holder to those particular Midway titles.

Which is a bummer. :(

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@Sysyphus: Thanks again for the list. I downloaded Psi-Ops from the link (and Full Spectrom Warrior beforehand), but neither of them seem to be loading up when I start them up. I'll look into it more via the list provided and get back to you.

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I thought Psi-Ops was pretty rubbish on the PC in all honesty.