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I played through Persona 4 on the Vita earlier this year and like everyone else, I fell completely in love with it. I want more of those characters and that world. I saw that the Persona 4 Anime series is on sale on Amazon for 35 dollars a pop for both seasons. Is the Anime any good?

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If you want more of those characters and that world, you should probably play Persona 4's canon sequel Persona 4 Arena if you haven't already.

Some like the anime and some don't. If you can ignore some low quality animation at parts, I would recommend it. It has scenes that I think add onto what was in the game and it's an enjoyable experience.

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It was ok. Same story told quickly. Still charming.

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@tread311 said:

It was ok. Same story told quickly. Still charming.

This. The anime is the P4 story in a 25(True ending counts as episode 26) episode nutshell.

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Hell yea. That is all I have to say on the subject.

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i wasn't that into it but liked how they characterized yu. other than that it felt like a pretty standard shonen anime to me.

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It feels a bit rushed, but that's to be expected. I also wasn't a big fan of the localization. It's not bad, it's just different, but it makes it feel like a separate thing from the game.

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Anything is recommendable. If you're asking whether or not we will recommend it, then yeah sure why not.

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Yes. It's pretty good. It's the P4 story in a standard anime form. They gave the main character a name, but in the sub it's pretty easy to mentally replace Yu with Charlie.

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After Persona 4 Golden, I needed more Persona 4, so I tried out the Anime. And yes I like it, I mean of course I know the story, but it is interesting to see which changes the made and all that stuff and yeah it feels like Persona 4 :D

Watch it!

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It's the game in serial TV form. If you've played the game and seen the animation in that, it's very similar although with a higher frame rate and the MC speaks. It doesn't cover every social link although I believe every social link character makes an appearance. Nanako is adorable, Yusuke is funny, Chie is energetic, etc...you know what to expect. I think what I liked most was spotting the smaller references in the anime to the game like the paper cranes, homemade bentos and the beef bowl challenge. Watching for those tidbits is worth the time spent.

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It's different in ways that are kind of appreciable, I'd say. As a standalone piece, it would perhaps be a bit rushed, but when you're cramping a 60+ hour game into 24 half-hour bits, yes, there's going to be some stuff that is scrapped. I heartily enjoyed because I had already played P4, though, so if you liked the game you will probably like the anime.

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The show is pretty good and funny but there are parts of the show where the animation takes a big hit.

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I heard that it's not great, especially lacking in production values, but who knows.

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I thought it was great. It's an entertaining adaptation that does a good job of capturing the characters. People tend to over-dramatize the animation flaws.

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You tell me.

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I don't think it would appeal to anyone who hasn't played the game, but for fans it's absolutely brilliant.

They rush through a lot of it rather quickly, which is to be expected, but they pay the important bits the time they deserve and its genuinely one of the funniest animes I've seen in a while.

I give it a solid recommendation.

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It's rushed here and there, but the selling point is probably seeing the story of Persona 4 with a main character who deadpans and pimps his way through pretty much every situation.

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I think you would have to base this on the assumption the person going into this knows its based on the video game. Yu Narumaki is a mute, yet he is the supposed main character of the anime. It also follows a lot of troupes of anime such as building of a group and then hey lets all go to the beach or let's all investigate a haunted house. If you can get over that fact then you will be alright. If I was going to recommend this as a stand alone anime there are better things out there.

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I haven't seen it but @mattbodega seemed to be really upset at some of the changes they made and I trust the duder's opinion.

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So I don't want to sound like a rebel but I heard there was mild homophobia in the animation is this true?

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I loved it. If you had any interest in P4 watch it.

@thephantomstranger: They really play the stereotypical gay thing with Kanji's story, but nothing I noticed outside. They just reallyed played it up and because there was more of it to see since it was a TV show and not just a 30 sec cutscene in a game I can see how some would say so. They also joked around with Hero and Sasku implying a gay love as a joke in a few off hand scenes.