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Remember when Giantbomb played a bunch of stuff on the last night original Xbox Live was around? Did that ever get archived and put on the site or anything?

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This one? It's only the first four and a half hours of the whole stream, but that should be more than enough... right?

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Raising this thread from the dead. Dude's link above leads to a 404 page and I've had the sudden urge to watch it again. Anyone know if the whole thing is archived anywhere? I found 4/12 hours here on UStream.

Listened to the bombcast where Ryan describes this event a little while ago and there should be about 2 more hours. Anyone know how to track it down? I'm afraid it might be lost to time. I'll just have to take solace that Ustream has the majority of it archived.

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Actually, I want to know this too

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Yeah weird, doesn't seem to exist anymore. I'd love to revisit this.

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Twitch TV?

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@bigboss1911: checked. No luck. From what I remember, they were using UStream early on before they switched to Justin.tv which then became Twitch.tv.

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I'm pretty sure the last bit of it never got archived due to some technical issues. If I remember right the video abruptly cuts off while they were playing Mech Assault.