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Is there a giantbomb for board games? Detailed categorization of board games. Cause I would really like one.

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Your best bet is boardgamegeek.com as previously mentioned.

If you want video reviews / quick looks, 'The Dice Tower' pretty much reviews every game.

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It depends on what you're looking for. BoardGameGeek is similar to the wiki and the forums, but isn't the most user-friendly site and has nothing like the editorial and video content that most people think of as major parts of Giant Bomb. It's more like Gamefaqs if you're really looking for a comparison.

If you're into board games, probably the closest you'll get is to combine a site like http://boardgaming.com/ and its user reviews with the amazing videos from http://www.shutupshow.com/ and the opinion columns from Robert Florence (the guy from the recent Eurogamer kerfuffle) on RPS - http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/tag/cardboard-children/

If you still need forums after all that, I guess BoardGameGeek might be the place to go.

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I listen to the strategy game podcast from Flash of Steel. I don have much experience with the blog, but I believe that includes boardgames as well.

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As said, Three Moves Ahead is a good bet. It's more about strategy games but they talk board games pretty often. You may also want to check out the Gamers With Jobs community and podcast. They talk boardgames often and there's some cross-pollination between them and TMA. Peeps are gonna frown and whine about this but that's hands down the most down-to-earth, mature (not old, just you know, smartlike) gaming community on the net.

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@crazyleaves Way to be a dick about it.
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@BisonHero: my terrible...