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I'm digging deep and looking for QL that I've missed. I also want to search for some QL that I may have missed. Is there a handy list of every QL ever?

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This is an amazing thing to use as a checklist if you got inspired to download all the quick looks like that guy who posted a few days ago.

Only thing it's missing is runtimes honestly. Need help with that?

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They all (most) exist on my PC
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@Dagbiker: You're missing about 1000.

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To be honest, that spreadsheet I posted isn't mine and it was primarily to help the OP in his quest to find a list. I thought hey, I know where there's an amazing list that could definitely help the fool and so then I grabbed the link off my shared Google documents. It was originally shared with me by someone who trust(s/ed) me into helping him fill out the contents of that list, but I've been neglecting to do so for the past few months now and regret posting it in return for his trust in me. Obviously, now that I've woken up and seen that ~10 people have quoted the link, I can't take back what I said. There was never any malicious intent toward the creator of the document, but should there be any problems going forward I made a copy of it about one hour after I posted the link in question. I know it could have been too late to salvage every bit of information that was verified and it is due to a huge error on my part that I hope can be fixed.

I hope you understand my reasoning, if this is who I think it is. I've wondered when this would come to light and hope opening the floodgates to, an unsurprisingly well-received, documented list of every Quick Look in full detail at least let you know that people appreciate what you're doing because I know I do and I hope I can help if things went south.

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Now it's locked :/

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Dammit, that's a shame. I understand your point

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Damn you

Alright everyone, here's the deal...

I originally started that spreadsheet like half a year ago with the intent to do some real nerdy data mining. The basic info came from the API but most of the really interesting stuff had to be filled out manually. My first thought was to open it up to everyone, but google doesn't let you do that anonymously, and I'm not a fan of my gmail being available to everyone, so I just gave it to a couple of friends to help out. Together we've filled in a large part of it, but it's naturally a huge job. then a couple of days ago suddenly there was a huge rush of anonymous users in the document, which wasn't bad in itself, except some of those users vandalized the document. Rolling it back is easy enough, but as a result I dropped the open sharing of the document. That said, since people are actually interested (I didn't expect that!) Anyone who is willing to help filling it in can do so.

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@rjayb89: No worries :-)