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@zombie2011 said:

My favorite piece of video game music, when ever someone mentions video game music this always starts playing in my head.

not my favorite favorite piece of music, but it definitely one of my favs that get stuck in my head.

also these are the current set of VG music that just gets stuck in my head recently ( i blame jeff for the revenge of shinobi one) :P

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@fisk0 Yes!!!

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Too many to list em all but here are a few that still really stand out.

Starting off with what was at the time, freaking mind blowing. The game had some awesome story (to a like, 8 year old) and some unforgettable tunes.

The greatest intro hands down. The music and the animating up a building to find Megaman up top was freaking incredible

I have no idea why, but this song stuck with me over the years. The introductory melody especially.

I think heavy reliance on catchy melodies makes it so that the majority of my most memorable music came from the NES era. There's a handful of SNES game music that has stuck with me also and less and less as you move through to more recent games. Strong melodies are what really hook me. Most everything by Koji Kondo (Mario, Zelda, StarFox) and nobuo uematsu (Final Fantasy) are also seared into my brain. Man, I love classical game music =P

Also, wanna throw out there that like 90% of both Capcom and Konami's music from the NES days are gold. Megaman, Castlevania, Contra, Street Fighter etc. . .

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For my nostalgia money, The Journeyman Project has one of the most unforgettable soundtracks of any game I've ever played.

Sick guitar riffs, bro!

#157 Posted by Morningstar (2142 posts) -

Cid's theme from Final Fantasy 7.

#158 Posted by DoctorTran (1544 posts) -

I have to say the main theme from the MGS series.

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Streets of rage theme song is the greatest i've heard.

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kind of surprised nobody has mentioned this:

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@villainy said:


yup, this is what was in my head all day and i couldn't remember what it was. thank you.

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@Loafsmooch said:


Best title screen song ever? It's close.

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There must have been dozens of threads like this one, and I always spend close to an hour listening to everything.


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I'd have to go with a couple of the tracks from Top Gear on the SNES, damn do those stick around.

Other than that I think I'd have to give a mention to the opening theme to Monkey Island.

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Halo theme. That will never leave me.

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Vice City?

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The opened way

How did no one post this yet?

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I find myself humming this in my head every few weeks. My favorite theme song of the Commodore era.

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Off the top of my head: Whistle Theme from Deadly Premonition, and the Game Over, Torch Theme, and Main Theme from Shadowgate.

#170 Posted by Rumpleforeskin (40 posts) -

Pretty much the entire Chrono Trigger soundtrack

#171 Posted by Stete (723 posts) -

Way too many, most of them would be posted here anyway so I'd like to share one of the most obscure ones. Hell, I didn't like the game that much when it came out, in fact I don't remember one thing about the gameplay besides a weird minigame where you had to throw axes at a girl's head so you would cut her pigtails, but the music in this piece seared the intro into my brain for all eternity.

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Every time I see the phrase "video game music" I think of the opening music to Mega Man 2.

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The over world theme from A Link to The Past, most of the songs in Ocarina of Time, the world 1-1 theme from NES mario, and most of the soundtrack from Alan Wake and Personas 3 and 4.

#174 Posted by BillyTheKid (484 posts) -

Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 the entire thing I pretty much know by heart. Flash Man's stage in particular is something that will never leave me. It is just a great beat.

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Arcanum Main Theme

My favorite piece of music from Mass Effect called "Vigil"

And Super Mario Bros. 2 overworld/menu theme

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