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I'm loving the new site, and am already familiar with most of it thanks to the beta but one thing still puzzles me. On the old site the home page had a "Coming up on giantbomb" section like this one, however the times were converted to my local time zone (eg. "Thursday Night Throwdown: Thurs,14th - 11:00PM") But since the beta they've gone to there time (PST?) So it's showing as "Thursday Night Throwdown: Thurs,14th - 4:00PM"

Is this just something that's changed, or is there an option i've got to select somewhere that didn't carry over?

Thanks in advance, Rob

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I haven't noticed that issue pop up on my feed. All the times I see are set to my time zone correctly (EST). Weird. 0.o

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hmm, maybe it's just me. I can live with it for now, and when the launch period is out of the way i'll fill a bug. Don't wanna do it now cus they got bigger fish to fry.

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On the old site the times were always PST for me, was there a setting on the old site that let you change it? This would all be obsolete if I could remember how to change the time to .beat!

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Yeah the old site had everything in GMT, but this one has it GMT-8. For me, anyway.

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I noticed this as well. I think it displayed the "Coming Soon" times based on your computer/browser time settings. So it listed stuff for me on the (b?)east coast as going up at 9:00, 12:00, and 3:00 instead of 6:00, 9:00, and 12:00.

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Yeah im having the same issue. Im in GMT and it shows everything in PST. (The old site worked fine and showed everything in GMT for me)

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@alexw00d: This is exactly my problem. Glad I'm not alone. The old site was GMT (local to me in UK) and accounted for British Summer Time. Now It's GMT-8.

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Dave has fixing the localization of the Upcoming Box on his stickied "What we're working on" thread, so it appears to be a known issue that should be fixed soon.