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Just recently, long, in depth footage of Dishonored, Hitman: Absolution and Assassin's Creed 3 have been released. In my opinion, each one of those games looks positively amazing, and they're all coming out at around the same time frame. However, each one of them has something a little different to offer.

What are your guys' opinions on the current state of stealth? Do you think that you'll get burned out on sneaking around? Which game's style of stealth do you prefer?

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I don't know that any of those games will end up being truly "sneaky" in the way games have been predicated upon the action in the past. All of those games, with the exception of Hitman (maybe) can be basically played as balls-to-the-wall action games if you so choose. So no, I don't think it's the year of stealth. At least no more than any other year.

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No year is a year of stealth without a metal gear solid game.

It's just not right.

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I was under the impression that this is the Year of the Bow. 

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@captain_max707: Bow sneak critical x3

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@cap123: Agreed. But since MGS4 is getting trophy support maybe it can still count (sorta maybe... not really).

Also isn't Splinter Cell Blacklist coming out too? You can play that pretty sneaky. I remember the main story of Conviction didn't really necessitate being silent and deadly but the co-op definitely did.

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I unfortunately suck at stealth games. Deus Ex: HR showed me the hard truth ._.

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Stealth bow, maybe.

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Stealth games are easily my favourite. If it is year of stealth, then it is my year of gaming.

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Hitman is the only stealth game for me. I can't get into Assassin's Creed games anymore after loving the first one, and actually kind of enjoying but burning out quickly on part deux. No idea about Dishonored.

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I like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell.

So, 2012...

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Splinter Cell Blacklist isn't a stealth game its a 3rd person Call of Duty.

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@captain_max707 said:

I was under the impression that this is the Year of the Bow.

Damn man. That's one big bow.

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No, this is the year of people asking what this is the year of.

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Year of the Bow, 'nough said

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@BrockNRolla: I'm not stalking you I just keep running into your comments and agreeing with them, swear.

I feel we've been in age of action/stealth for a pretty long time. Even Hitman I'm sure with some tweaked settings can be pretty action-oriented, you'll just get a lower score. I love MGS4 and the series as a whole but in my mind that game put the nail in the stealth coffin (it'll live again, one day). With very few exceptions, I don't think you can provide for multiple play styles to make a "true" stealth game.

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Yes. It's also the year of bullets. And the year of strategy. And MMOs. And year of the bow.  
So, basically, it's another year of games.