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Poll: Is Vinny singing the most glorious sound? (51 votes)

Yes 71%
No 27%

So I just started watching the MLB The Show 2013 quick look and Vinnys singing really touched my heart.

Do you guys like his singing too? Please answer in the pool above or below i don't really know where it will be.

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Brad has the superior singing voice.

#2 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11379 posts) -

Vinny is the voice of a generation.

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Vinny Caravella? More like Vinny A Capella!

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Nope. I try to avoid the persistent Internet trend of hyperbolic positivity.

Sure, bacon is good. No, your insistence that it cures cancer isn't particularly funny.

Yeah, the Beatles stood out among their peers. I disagree with your impassioned shouting that they invented music.

OK, the new iPhone is great. Somehow, I don't think it has radically altered your life beyond the last iteration's abilities.

Note: this thread in particular doesn't raise my ire. I think I'm just slightly grumpy today. But I feel like making everything "epic," "mind-blowing," or "the best thing ever" sort of minimizes the variety in life. Speaking of, I call far too many things "phenomenal."

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I haven't watched the quick look, but I support Vinny in everything he does.