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With Patrick's recent 'Eight Women, Eight Responses' article and all of the heated discussion it created, I'm wondering what you guys think -- should articles like this continue having a place on Giant Bomb or not?

Please no pointless arguing. I think it'd be interesting to truly gauge responses. Also, big shout-out to user 'thornie' for creating the idea within the above mentioned Patrick article. If anyone had a similar idea in earlier pages of that article, I apologize for not giving credit.

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I think there are bigger issues that deserve just as much attention but most people don't seem to care. People like sexy issues. I don't like that this much attention as been brought to this one issue. I think it is fine if they wan't to expose some of the things wrong with the industry but there are worse things then tits that make your willy feel funny.

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I tend to skim over Patricks articles. They are interesting enough but not really my thing, but its not as if Patricks articles are taking away of the personality that comes with features like Quick Looks and TNT.

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Yes, you see the thing about articles is you can choose not to read them. I'm more interested in the business side when it comes to articles than social issues, but either way I can decide what interests me and read those posts. Variety is good.

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It's a slow month for games so any article is welcome.

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if they were any good then I would like for there to be more.

if all we get are articles like the dead island ones then no.

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Sure, I like what Giant Bomb is trying to do with them. An awful lot of games "journalism" seems to revolve around rephrasing press releases, and having an ambitious news guy like Scoops on board elevates this site above that (not to discount what the rest of the crew is doing...different skill sets and all that). I admit I mostly come here for the pretty videos, but I don't mind reading a decent article every once in a while.

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@PenguinDust said:

Yes, you see the thing about articles is you can choose not to read them. I'm more interested in the business side when it comes to articles than social issues, but either way I can decide what interests me and read those posts. Variety is good.

Pretty much this. If you somehow don't agree with the article, you're free to express it in a civilized way. If you're going to be snarky or downright offensive, you're much better off not commenting and ignoring the article in question. It's better for you, for the rest of the community and for the author of the article. Everybody wins.

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I don't think articles discussing important issues are the problem. The quality of these articles so far is.

That first #1reasonwhy article was pretty piss poor. The follow up was better but still not great. The Dead Island torso thing with 8 contributions that were almost copy/paste of each other was a waste of time, late to the party and also tried to make a bigger deal out of what it actually was.

I guess that's a yes but they need to see a significant bump in quality otherwise why bother, they create more of a disservice to the issues they try to discuss than anything.

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I'm with the above comment that I'm more interested in the business side than the social side, but I don't mind articles that lean that way. I found the "riptide" article to be pretty shallow for all the attention it got, however. It was not interesting and didn't offer anything insightful. Just obvious opinions about an open and closed issue.

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I would only want them if Pat went out of his way to make sure he has expressed both sides of an argument equally and not just gone hunting around for a bunch of people that agreed with his opinion like in that boob statue item. If it's just him saying his opinion, then no I don't want that. He's just another random guy on the internet spouting his ideals and I don't want to hear one side of any argument. If he wants to try and raise awareness on a topic by giving people on both sides a place to express them equally, then sure. By all means. Even if it's him and someone who disagrees.

I just have no interest in hearing one side of any argument without someone to counter and call the person on their BS . No matter what the situation. Without that it's just annoying or pointless to read. Your ether preaching to the choir who already agrees or those that don't feel like the whole thing is garbage for not addressing the counter points other people have and that they are being dismissed.

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they don't interest me in the least. however, it is real easy for me to ignore them. so if others like them, knock yourselves out. i don't really care if they are here or not.

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Article worthy issues? Then yes. That particular Dead Island article?  No.
Not to dismiss the whole torso debacle, but I found the article to be making too much of an issue out of it. Yes it was crass, but I don't think it requires such an extensive piece circling the same issue over and over and over. It felt very tedious.
 I feel Patrick's writing style often has quite an obnoxious tone to it which really doesn't help. These issues should be tackled by someone with a more measured approach. I don't feel he does that adequately.

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@UitDeToekomst said:

they don't interest me in the least. however, it is real easy for me to ignore them. so if others like them, knock yourselves out. i don't really care if they are here or not.

You mean Patrick doesn't come to your house with a gun to make you? Lucky. Pretty sure that's the case with most people I've seen commenting :P

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I don't mind some variety. If I don't feel like reading whatever an article is about, I just won't click on it. No harm done.

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I agree with a lot of the previous comments. As long as the article is good enough then I say bring it on! However, the Dead Island article was simply trying too hard.

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Yes, they are important but articles like the 8 responses thing felt pointless. Also I agree with the guy above who wants to see both sides of the argument. It better helps understand the situation better. Mostly very few of the articles he has done so far has interested me but I hope he continues. Issues need to be discussed so we can find a solution or at least to inform people on them

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They can certainly be interesting, yes, and I do enjoy reading them when they are good. I wouldn't be devastated to see them go either, however. So I guess it doesn't really matter for me in the end.

As mentioned, though, being objective helps a lot to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. If it's just an opinion, with no real analysis of both sides (to be clear, having an opinion is fine) then it becomes stale very quickly. I appreciate that the GB staff hold value in making their opinions and tastes known to their audience, but it shouldn't get in the way of what is hopefully well-done news. That is just my opinion on opinions.

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It got everyone talking. Issues should be talked about. Even if there are only a few interesting comments to come out of it.

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I think they are important and valuable, and I enjoy them.

Here's the larger point I would make: people who don't like or enjoy them should refrain from reading them. It serves no one to have a bunch of people flaming the comments sections of articles that they have no interest in. It doesn't take anything away from those people when Patrick writes those articles. They are free to ignore them if they so choose.

When I see things I the internet that I don't want to read, I just don't read them.

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If they are substantive and well reasoned, sure they can be here. If it is some emotionally fueled, embarrassing tirade then no.

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I'm fine with issues related articles, I just want better ones.

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I don't mind issue-related articles but the Dead Island one was kinda a bust. Objectification of women in video game culture could have been a decent read but presented in the context of some silly special edition torso thing being a tipping point just undermined the argument in my opinion.

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There aren't any writers on this site capable or knowledgable enough to write about these matters in an unbiased, sensible non-agenda pushing way. And that's whats pissing people off. So remove them. Bring them back if GB decides to higher a journalist.

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Yes, I just wish they were better articles. Most of what Patrick writes comes off as very 2nd year college student.

The intent is good but the perspective is missing.

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No, unless Giant Bomb were to hire someone who could do it right. I just don't think Patrick is mature enough to handle these issues properly.

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Yes. Giant Bomb, specifically Patrick, seems to be one of the only places trying to dig more into that type of stuff.