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#1 Posted by JZ (2125 posts) -

There's bioshock comeing for everyone, but I have no interest in it at all. It's a complete wasteland until june 4th when "remember me" and a bunch of other stuff come out. Remember when no games came out in the summer? Now mega games like "the last of us" are coming in summer.

#2 Edited by Mrsignerman44 (1100 posts) -

I'm excited for Injustice and some people are excited for Pandora's Tower. But other than that, yeah...April and May are dead zones.

EDIT: How could I forget about Metro: Last Light? I think that'll tide me over from mid-may until Remember Me comes out.

#3 Edited by Yummylee (22062 posts) -

Well for me there's the PS3 Director's Cut of Deadly Premonition in April, and then the console port of Resident Evil: Revelations in May. Besides, consider how many games that have been released in March alone. It'll be nice to have a little quiet time so as to catch up before things head into full-auto again.

#4 Posted by zenmastah (947 posts) -

Dead Island :Riptide comes April 26th

Metro:Last Light in May.

Remember Me and Lost Planet 3 in June, July has nothing and then its autumn already.

#5 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2496 posts) -

Age of Empires 2 HD April 9th

#6 Posted by JZ (2125 posts) -

Injustice does look great, but it's a fighting game. Not a big time sinker or like journey to experience. You play online for the fist week while everyone is new to it and bad, then you play the big story mode.

#7 Posted by paulwade1984 (478 posts) -

I can't wait. I hand in my dissertation on Thursday. I've got so much stuff to catch up on. I've had no time the last few months.

I've got Dishonored, Hitman absolution, darksiders 2, kingdoms of amalur and assasins creed 3 all installed and waiting.

I want to do a monk playthrough on Diablo 3.

HotS is looking good.

Bioshock infinite of course, but i won't be picking it up at full price. I'm so broke at the moment.

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Metro, CoH 2, East vs West, Wargame, and then EU4 to round out the year. What more does one need?

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It's also almost time for Game of Thrones though! 2 weeks from tomorrow.

Hope Neverwinter comes out early April, at least in open beta form (not just weekend events).

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the exciting world of mobile gaming do not rest ladies and gentlemen

#11 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (5803 posts) -

I guess it's almost time to hit the backlog then. Sleeping Dogs, Far Cry 3, and Ni No Kuni will tide me over for a while.

Oh man, I almost " Forgot " about " Remember Me ". I'm sorry. I couldn't resist.

#12 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (955 posts) -

Maybe I'll actually put more than 5 minutes into Skyrim and Deus Ex now.

#13 Posted by believer258 (11994 posts) -

I'll just do what I always do and play old/less well-known games. Why do people always act like some break time from new releases is a bad thing?

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There have definitely been a lot worse years for releases especially considering the new consoles being priority for all 3 companies. I'll also be welcoming any slow times as I have quite the backlog and want to start clean with the PS4 when it comes out.

#15 Posted by wwfundertaker (1404 posts) -

Im buying;


Monster Hunter 3ds

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil survivor 1+2 (Europe)

Dead Island Riptide

Fire Emblem


Between June and August is the barren desert with only a a few games coming out.

#16 Edited by HH (611 posts) -

i got that Shadowrun Returns, that's all i got.

i'd love to play ZombiU and Fire Emblem, but the chances of me buying those systems are nil.

mostly older games for me this year, but that's okay, I've a few revisits I'd like to take my time with.

#17 Posted by maskedarcstrike (701 posts) -

@mrsignerman44: I'm excited for a new Metro game but considering how awesome 2033 was on PC and how shit it was on consoles I dunno.

#18 Edited by AlecOfTheWest (290 posts) -

Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us I plan on picking up, but until September when GTA V hits, yeah, you're kinda right.

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If I had a 3DS Fire Emblem would be my big April release, but I don't. I will most likely pick up AoE 2 HD. Never played that back in the day, so now's probably a good time. As for May, I will probably skip Metro since the first one was such a resource hog. I'll buy RE Revelations if the PC port is good. Otherwise, this spring is pretty calm and I really don't mind. Kinda nice to have both Company of Heroes 2 and Lasy of Us in June. Last summer had no cool games coming out.

#20 Posted by Atlas (2454 posts) -

@bigboss1911 said:

Age of Empires 2 HD April 9th

Dude, yes. Totally psyched about playing an HD version of my favourite strategy game of all-time.

I will play BioShock Infinite day one - already have it pre-ordered on Steam, and I almost never pre-order games. But even when the dry spell for games hits, I have a substantial back catalogue to work through. I really want to beat The Witcher 2 (played 8 hours of it and stopped, but that was like a year ago so not sure if I can pick up that save or if I'll need to start again), and I also own but haven't played Deus Ex: HR, Saints Row: The Third, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Darksiders II, Sleeping Dogs...and maybe, just maybe, I'll actually finish Dragon Age II if things become dire. Oh, and maybe I'll buy SimCity if they improve it with patches.

I think for a lot of people like me, who have large "piles of shame", the quiet months are actually sort of a blessing.

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BioShock: Infinite and Deadly Premonition: DC are definitely going to keep me busy for some time.

#22 Edited by AndrewB (7669 posts) -

I'd probably be set even if there was a 5 year moratorium on releasing games; even shitty ones.

#23 Edited by Hitchenson (4682 posts) -

I dunno, BioShock Infinite, CoH 2, The Last of Us and Metro: Last Light these next few months. Not too shabby.

#24 Posted by Funkydupe (3321 posts) -


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Just because you're not interested in the games coming out soon, doesn't necessarily mean it'll be a wasteland. And even if it is, it's a rather good time for people with a monster of a backlog to start going back and playing old games (like me).

#26 Edited by LackingSaint (1833 posts) -

Well Sly 4 and Fire Emblem were both games I was really excited for that got pushed back by over a month for Europe releases, so i'll be playing through them as well as Valkyrie Chronicles. Other than that i'm not too fussed, less games to distract me is a good excuse to get more work done (like the Bombcast animation i'm making!).

#27 Posted by D_Bones (365 posts) -

Wastelands are sort of great. Typically summer time is the huge gap where you can play those 5-10 backlog games you picked up but never bothered with. Or it is the time to buy other games on the cheap which you may not have in the first place. Summer is normally my most productive vidyagame time I remember the back to back backlog marathon I did of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Fallout 3, Enslaved, Beyond Good and Evil HD, Yakuza 3, Prince of Persia (2008), and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Dunno what you are talking about wastelands for it a bloody paradise!!! Actually having time for games!!

#28 Posted by Winternet (8025 posts) -

Just imagine how many Sleepy Dawgs DLC are coming out in those couple of months.

#29 Posted by Vinny_Says (5719 posts) -

GRID 2 suckas! Get Hype!

#30 Posted by Drebin_893 (2923 posts) -
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It's gonna quite down for a bit, but honestly I think January and February are usually bigger deadzones than April and May.

#32 Posted by RobotHamster (4175 posts) -

Good, I have wayyy to much to catch up on anyway.

#33 Posted by OfficeGamer (1087 posts) -

@yummylee said:

Besides, consider how many games that have been released in March alone. It'll be nice to have a little quiet time so as to catch up before things head into full-auto again.

What came out in March other than Tomb Raider and Citadel?

Why do people always act like some break time from new releases is a bad thing?

I wish I had so much free time and such tolerance for long long periods of game sessions that I'd be finishing multiple games in days and getting annoyed by what the OP describes as a wasteland.. Even during wastelands I have too many games to play.

#34 Posted by Nux (2383 posts) -

There is SMT Soul Hackers April 16th and SMT 4 May 23rd if that is you're into.

#35 Posted by DarkShaper (1341 posts) -

Well both of the previous Bioshock games have been the kind that I play through at least twice back to back and I spend a lot of time with fighters so Injustice will last a while. If I really need more than that I will either go back and finish one of the dozens of games on my back list or pick up X-Com.

#36 Posted by MideonNViscera (2257 posts) -

I'm afraid Animal Crossing and GTA may be the only games I buy this year.

#37 Posted by Mrsignerman44 (1100 posts) -

@mrsignerman44: I'm excited for a new Metro game but considering how awesome 2033 was on PC and how shit it was on consoles I dunno.

I never look at PC footage, so if 2033 on consoles was really bad compared to the PC version I wouldn't know. Ignorance is bliss, my friend.

#38 Posted by Pr1mus (3951 posts) -
#39 Posted by BeachThunder (12094 posts) -

Fuck yes, I can't wait for the new Wasteland ^__^

#40 Edited by Tackchevy (264 posts) -

I have a list of around 100-150 titles that I want to play before breaking into WiiU and other next gens. I'm playing King's Field right now. Fucking King's Field! It's really awesome in a super funky way though, PSA for all.

#41 Posted by Snail (8617 posts) -

I have so many games left to play on Steam that these periods are pretty much never an issue. My 3DS keeps me busy too.

#42 Posted by TobbRobb (4745 posts) -

Aside from Company of Heroes, the deadzone goes to the end of the year for me. ^^


#43 Posted by Animasta (14712 posts) -

Zeno Clash 2 is supposed to come "early" 2013.

#44 Posted by Yummylee (22062 posts) -

@yummylee said:

Besides, consider how many games that have been released in March alone. It'll be nice to have a little quiet time so as to catch up before things head into full-auto again.

What came out in March other than Tomb Raider and Citadel?

You can't be serious? Off the top of my head there's Gears of War Judgment, God of War Ascension, Tomb Raider, and then there's also this little indie title called BioShock Infinite. Was funded by a kickstarter or something I believe.

Besides that a quick glance over at the wikipedia page of ''2013 in gaming'' will show you that there's been plenty this month.

#45 Posted by ripelivejam (4303 posts) -

vudoeo gimes :D

#46 Posted by Demoskinos (15019 posts) -

Nothing has been coming out I give a damn about even Bioshock looks boring too me. Ill buy Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge though. Other than that just saving up my money and waiting for the PS4 and August when Killer is Dead and Saints Row 4 drop.

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All I have pre-ordered is that super expensive Bioshock Infinite collectors edition. But that's because I have no more money. If Guacamelee! comes out before June, I'm getting that.

I still have some games sitting in my drawer like Darksiders 2, Rayman Origins, and a shit ton of downloadable games on my PS3, Vita and laptop. So I'm set for the entire summer. I might have to buy some more games on the cheap and still have to borrow more games like Revengeance, Tomb Raider, DMC, and blablabla.

And how can I forget about PS+?! Like 35 of the games I have downloaded on my Vita and PS3 are PS+ games!

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Are there people out there that actually only play new releases? Are there really no past games you either want to revisit or didn't get around to when they came out? No multiplayer games that you play regularly/every so often?

#49 Edited by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

I need time to catch up on a bunch of games anyways, so I'm happy to see some breaks of new releases I'm interested in.

#50 Edited by Milkman (17029 posts) -

Fine by me. I need time to catch up on some games I missed from this year.