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Hey there. I’m now the Product Manager for Giant Bomb and ComicVine.

That’s a fun sentence to write, as you might imagine. It’s been a bit of a long year for me since I left Whiskey Media, but in the end, coming back to CBS Interactive to work with a bunch of people that have been colleagues of mine for almost the entirety of my professional life is pretty much the best possible conclusion to the little sabbatical I’ve been taking. I'll weave the tale of my journeys in a future blog post, I'm sure.

I'm on staff now!

Obviously it’s also a bit of a sad day as well, with Dave moving on from Giant Bomb and ComicVine after over half a decade working on both of those sites. I don’t need to tell you about the talent and drive that Dave brought to the sites, whether you’re talking about design, working with the community, or his sojourns into editorial. He’s a good friend, and the only bittersweet thing about taking this job is that I won’t be working with him, although I'm going to hold him to his promise of coming by for appearances in the future.

Dave's obviously irreplaceable, but hopefully I’ll be able to provide a bit of continuity as we transition into a post-Snider era. The Product Manager role encompasses a lot of what Dave was doing aside from his engineering and design tasks, meaning that I’ll be helping to keep tabs on the community’s thoughts and wishes (and dreams and hopes and desires), reporting bugs back to the engineering team, attempting to create new premium content for our premium members, and generally helping out in any way that I can to ensure that the sites are growing while also keeping you guys happy. This isn’t an editorial position, so you won’t be seeing my byline on the site every day or anything, but I’m sure I’ll be dropping by here and there with a video or Quick Look appearance when it’s appropriate.

In the meantime, I’ll be on the forums every day, and I’m going to attempt to update my blog much more often than I have during my year off, especially as I weave my web of seduction, betrayal, and lies on the unsuspecting populace of 235 Second Street (this fall on CBS). You’ll also probably be seeing me in whatever responses you get from, as well as other sundry interactions we might have around the site. Feel free to PM me whenever you like and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can, and you can also follow me on Twitter or, of course, Properly Petting Puppies.

Back to the grindstone...

So! A big day for me, Dave, and GiantBomb. If you guys have any questions or comments, you can feel free to direct them to me in the comments here or via PM or post on my wall or send me smoke messages or what have you. Thanks for all the well-wishes on Twitter; apologies for not being able to get back to everyone, but man there were a lot of them.

Anyway, with the announcements out of the way, I'll be back soon with more news about what all this means (when we figure it out), and what you can look forward to. Thanks for having me, and cross your fingers that I don't royally screw this up.

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I give this blog post 5 puppies out of 5

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Welcome back Matt Rorie!

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Welcome back, Rorie! Big shoes to fill, but I'm sure you'll do fine. Now, get to work on entertaining us with obscure PC games and weird flight sims!

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Too much feels today.

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Congratulations. here is my dog for your enjoyment.

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RORIE! Yeah!

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Couldnt have picked a better person to take dave's place, :)

Also quite amazing how almost all of you ex gamespot guys are back next to gamespot

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More Matt Rorie is good for everyone. It couldn't happen to a better person.

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Good to have you back Rawr.

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Getting from there to here (giant bomb dot com).

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I am sad to hear Dave is leaving but I am pleased he hasn't been replaced with some random asshole. I like you Matt Rorie, I like you.

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Welcome home duder.

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Welcome back!

Will your return usher in a return of the Big Live Live Show Live Block Party? If you only ever grant this humble user one request, can it be that one?

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Your time is finally near, indeed.

As long as you can yell at Drew to eject with the same force as Dave did, you'll do just fine. I'll miss your movie insights, though; after both you and Alex were separated from Screened, I don't have a movie home to call my own. D: Maybe toss a few cinema related thoughts into a blog now and then?

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Welcome back Rorie. Having you on board is great news. I'm looking forward to seeing you awkwardly touch other people live.

Seriously this is great.

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What is your opinion on the rampant alcoholism that plagues the canine community?

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Can't wait to see you hold hands with Ryan again. Also the next Random PC Game should be Dark Souls. Think about it. That'd be pretty random, dude.

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I am squee-ing with glee at this news.

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Nice to have you back Rorie!

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Welcome back duder :) glad you're here again.

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Sad to see Dave go, but glad to see you back among the fold. Hopefully we'll see you on some quick looks and podcasts occasionally.

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Well this is welcome and arousing news.

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In the tone of Mase', Welcome Back. :)

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If you could make a live show where puppies just crawl all over you while you giggle for an hour or two, that would be great.

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Welcome back Matt Rorie, i'm sad to see Hardcore Dave Go, but happy for him as well, and i'm sure he'll stop by from time to time...I am so happy right now, as Rorie and Alex were awesome on and i was sad when Matt was kind of left out in the cold(my feelings,not knowing whole story)..anyways Congrats on the new position, and good things happen to those who wait! Always a fan.




Congratulations. here is my dog for your enjoyment.

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About fucking time.

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Just don't turn this website into Puppy Bomb.

On the other hand...

(jk love you so much, you're gonna do GREAT)

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Man what a crazy year, but I'm glad you're back with the family in a slightly more secure position. Definitely looking forward to further Rorie antics~

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Man, this is some night. I'm still pretty much speechless but I am insanely excited for the future.

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Sup Rorie. I'm going to have to factor you into next month's premium content comic thing I do if your promises of premium member stuff isn't an idle threat. Looking forward to seeing what mischief you'll be up to in your new job.

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Matt, site's down.

Seriously though, this is awesome news. After following you through Twitter and your blog since Whiskey Media was disbanded, it's awesome to see you finally coming home. Couldn't be happier to see you back!

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I'm so happy for you. You deserve this. You did such an amazing job of basically running Screened solo after Alex moved. I only see good things coming from this.

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I love you, Matt!

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Welcome back Duder!

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Finally more followers for Rorie! Welcome home!

Also I know that tag read "Topman", but I read Tampon.

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Congratulations on becoming New Dave.

No seriously, this news makes me so happy. Congratulations Rorie!

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Pssch-awww, we know who you are! You don't need an introductory blog post whatever anything, just go!

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Unprofessional Fridays will now Puppy Fridays.


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And lo, the reason to re-up my subscription to Giant Bomb.

We missed you, Matt.

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Cool to have you on the site Rorie

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Welcome back, Rorie. It's been far too long since you've been in the fold with your Whiskey family. It's a bitter sweet day, but if we had to lose Dave, we're lucky we go you. You're gonna do just fine. Welcome home!

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This sleeping dog has awoken!

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The site is in his hands...

For real though, welcome back! I missed your face!

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welcome back duder...i mean puppy.

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Congratulations! It's good to have you back.

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SO CONFLICTED. Dave is gone, but you're back. I don't know what to feel anymore.

Welcome back, Matthew!

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Ctril + F "Unprofessional"


Not off to a great start, Rorie.