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Years ago Japan ruled the game industry with an iron fist. However the only japanese companies with any real power are Square Enix, Capcom, and Konami. It seems that most of the most anticipated games are coming from either America of Europe. What do you think?

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They used to rule nut now they are an even competitor with everyone else.

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We definitely need more big Japanese devs. North American and European devs dominate now.

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Japan is still a huge gaming ground, they basically started gaming. It depends on which game you prefer more of. Shooters or role playing, unless you mean money wise.

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I just wish that a big game will come out of Japan and not be a RPG.

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It still has great significance, just not as much as in the past.

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2 of 3 consoles agree;  Japan's still pretty important to the industry.

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Nintendo is the biggest Japanese publisher and unless I'm mistaken are RULING THE FUCKING WORLD!!!!

I don't know if we can swear yet, I haven't been told not to, and anyway those guys swear on every podcast.

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There are a lot more Japanese games, but they are limited in Japan and wouldn't do that well in a Western market (some of their stuff is just weird as hell).

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I'm in Japan, thus it is immeasurably important.

Yeah 2 of the three big console companies in in Japan so it still is putting up a fight