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I remember hearing Jeff talk about writing fake reviews for developers so they could get a feel for how their games would score in the press. I would really like to listen to it again since I'm writing an essay that kind of touches on the subject. Does anybody remember if it was in a bombcast or a live show that he talked about it?

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Pretty sure he talked about it on a jar time video. I think he may have also talked about it on his tumble.

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I remember hearing it on a Bombcast... can't remember which one though, sorry.

Mock reviews, they call it.

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Ahh that's right, Mock reviews! It's been killing me not remembering the term for it! Do any of you guys remember if it was Jeff or someone else from the staff who actually wrote a mock review, but didn't want to get paid for it?

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Thank you StarvingGamer! You just made my day a hell of a lot easier!

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@t0ffe: Yeah NP, might want to flag this thread answered so no one else goes digging unnecessarily.