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Bad title, but here it is. Was rooting around through the computer today in my audio section, ran across this beauty. I used it for my alarm clock. It worked.

For what episodes I took the fin tag from -

70 minutes of work, endless audio pleasures

Hope you enjoy!

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0.o No wonder his voice breaks so often!

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My god. 

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Holy fuck, lmao.
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LOL I didn't know he did it so many times. He should do it on the GB cast more often, I think he's only done it once in my memory. 

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Jesus Christ... who would want to wake up like that?

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That's not from the hotspot, it's from Jeff's death-metal band "gaimspötdokom".

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@Andorski: Thats the point.  The typical alarm beep doesn't get to me anymore.   
This does.   
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Hahahaha. I remember when he used to do that. I don't miss the gamespot era anymore because GB has eclipsed it in quality.

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wow that was hilarious.

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Lmao this used to be my favourite part of the HotSpot.

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@Kohe321 said:
" That's not from the hotspot, it's from Jeff's death-metal band "gaimspötdokom". "
This made me audibly laugh more than it probably should have for sanity's sake. Good job, good sir. Good job.
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haha!! do it for the next bombcast!

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Oh my, cracked me up. I think I just found my new message signal. xD

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I can't believe I just downloaded this...

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this is amazing.

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@ZanzibarBreeze said:


 (Her eyes, her hair, my tongue, her arm, oh yeaah!)
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I've been listening to this all day, even though it hurts my ears.

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Ahhhhh I remember him doing this....that's a great alarm, could work for myself also

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I tip my hat to you sir. 

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Do you have like all the Hotspots with Jeff and the others on them? you should make a torrent of it. I would love to listen to some of their older podcasts 

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How he can even talk after that, I do not know. I wrecked my voice for about a week after I spent a few days continually doing Old Snakes voice.

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@Heartagram said:
" Do you have like all the Hotspots with Jeff and the others on them? you should make a torrent of it. I would love to listen to some of their older podcasts  "  
Yea, I do have all the hotspots, at least all the ones that matter, but I'm not gonna bother with torrents and the like.  Just go here, on the right hand side of the page, down a little bit, you'll find the archives.  Basically all the ones up until 12.18.2007 are good to listen to.  Past that, I didn't even bother.
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Jeff really needs to do a Giant Bomb version of this on the next Bombcast it would be awesome.

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It sounds like he's powering up for a final Dragonball Z move.

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clock alarm set, thanks

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I've been listening to older episodes of the Hotspot for the first time(never heard of Jeff till I found the Bombcast) and I will say, that segment is one part I look forward to.

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win win win. I love when he use to do this haha.  

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for more on these or other stories in the world of video games check out game


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Or you could use this as your ring tone and scare the shit out of everyone.

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What I want to know is why, when the file was opened in iTunes, it was listed as "Blues".

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*sigh* i do miss the hotspot. 2006 was the best year of my life and the hotspot was friggen perfect back then. but we have the bombcast now which is far superior. good times though, thanks for the flashback :D

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Man....I remember that awsomeness, downloading now

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@Gizmo said:

" @ZanzibarBreeze said:


 (Her eyes, her hair, my tongue, her arm, oh yeaah!) "

Let's just bring it all here, my man:
Why is she on the streets
This girl you'd like to meet
No way to be discreet
No way to beat her heat
The fire in her eyes
It can't be justified
Swallow your stupid pride
Her gaze may make you die, she's
Too hot to jaywalk
Her eyes, her hair, my tongue, her arm, oh yeah
Too hot to jaywalk
Her lips, her hips, my mind, on fire, oh year
She's way out of your league
You don't got what she needs
Stare 'till you get fatigue
In your mind you do the deed
She might be on the making
Your hands just keep on shaking
She's yours until you waken
She's hot like frying bacon
Too hot to jaywalk
Her feet, her knees, you want to please, but she's
Too hot to jaywalk
No chance, no way, it's not your day, oh yeah
Too hot to jaywalk
Too hot to jaywalk


Now let's all go listen to the song
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... shit

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Where is the one were he says it as each letter like G  A M E S P O T.com that was the one i remember the most.

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I love that man.

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Oh god so many memories.

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Is there one of these for intros?

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omg good memories

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I had to listen to that quite a few times. Hilarious. 

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I uh... Christ.

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@ez123: mhmm.  Just uploaded it to the internet.  Making a new post about that one here in a couple minutes.   
 I hope ya'll enjoy it as much as you seemed to enjoy the end tag!
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@Matthew: On a day in which received Red Letter Media's review of Attack of the Clones, the iPad and (more importantly) new Doctor Who, you give us this. Holy shit dude. This is just about the best thing I've ever heard.
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Ha ha. Awesome Jeff