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#51 Posted by altairre (1423 posts) -

I applaud you good sir. That's fantastic.

#52 Posted by mracoon (5087 posts) -

These continue to be amazing. I'd love to see someone do a GTA-style box art but with the staff.

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Seriously awesome.

#54 Posted by TheMightySkullboy (85 posts) -

These are pretty much the best.

#55 Posted by Pop (2691 posts) -

I'm drunk and cannot comment on the coolness of this image.

#56 Posted by RedCricketChase (462 posts) -

@pop said:

I'm drunk and cannot comment on the coolness of this image.

You are my people. Haha :D

#57 Posted by Wes899 (2167 posts) -

Do you have a higher res version?

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Would it be a bother to ask you to link your earlier stuff in the OP? I'm just curious. I know I've seen it, but all of it together would be a treat. Thanks.

EDIT: That was it! The Bioshock Infinite one! Greatness.

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Love it, and your artstyle. I didn't know you've made similar before, I guess I'll have to check your post story!

EDIT: Ah, that Bioshock image was yours. Nice, keep this up.

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I love the "Jeff in Video Games" series. Keep up the awesomeness!

#62 Posted by Chop (2010 posts) -

I love, love, love these! You're awesome bruh

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Awesome Art!

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Great work! Really enjoy it.

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@humanity said:

I'm pretty excited for GTA V so I made another wonderful rendition of Jeff appearing randomly in video games.

Ego much, brah!

@humanity said:

Here is Jeff in GTA V.

...yeah, okay.

#67 Posted by cooljammer00 (2346 posts) -

So far, Jeff's been "in" Ico, GTAV, Bioshock Infinite, and The Last of Us, right?

#68 Posted by Humanity (11860 posts) -

@cooljammer00: correct, whenever he dons his magic red track suit he's instantly whisked away to a faraway game land!

#69 Posted by cooljammer00 (2346 posts) -

@humanity said:

@cooljammer00: correct, whenever he dons his magic red track suit he's instantly whisked away to a faraway game land!

I'm shocked Jeff hasn't taken a trip to the Meat Dimension to compare athletic tops with Chie.

#70 Posted by pakattak (231 posts) -

@humanity: Ah, I thought you used vectors. Did you just use the polygonal lasso tool for the shapes?

#71 Posted by Humanity (11860 posts) -

@pakattak: I mainly use the pen tool for creating shapes and then I fill them in with various texture brushes. I don't like Illustrator much although I'm sure a large part of that is due to the fact that I'm not very fluent with it - I just know exactly how to achieve certain effects in Photoshop that would take me a long time to figure out in Illustrator.

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Love it.

#73 Posted by StriderNo9 (1278 posts) -

LOL dude, that is pretty awesome.

#74 Posted by beepmachine (631 posts) -

@humanity I love these! The idea of Jeff hanging around in games and being a third wheel is so cool. If you're looking for ideas for future ones I think XCOM, Syndicate, any Call of Duty, Persona, or any driving game would work well.

Illustrator is great for making shapes like that much quicker than photoshop, but if you are more comfortable with photoshop I say stick with it because you'll end up saving time by doing it all as one piece.

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really cool stuff man

#76 Posted by bitchypixels (74 posts) -

Luv u

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@luca717 said:

@humanity: looks great!

Now that I've actually played the game I'm happy that the picture actually resembles the real in-game heist to a degree - like 70% accurate.

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This is always awesome! I love how everyone has a lot of the same artistic style or same creative vision for the giantbomb guys. Nice job man, I might have to make it my wallpaper for awhile if you don't mind!

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@humanity: awesome. Are you willing to share what brushes you used? Where you found them/how you made them?

#81 Edited by Humanity (11860 posts) -

@jordanarama: I actually use the default dry media brushes that come with Photoshop.

#82 Posted by elpurplemonkey (157 posts) -

The style reminds me a bit of Guacamelee- clean lines, solid shapes and no black borders. Real appealing stuff; nice work duder!

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@humanity said:

@fierrze said:

These are awesome! I really love drawing style. Do you mind me asking how do you do these?

It's kinda hard to explain how I do it as it's not like a formula. I use photoshop and charcoal-ish brushes.

I made a small sketch and then 3-4 hours later it was finished.

That IS a small sketch indeed. I was surprised it's Photoshop and chalk brushes. It has a little Adobe Illustrator feeling to it. I guess that's from the hard edges and the lasso selections you made . Looking good and nice topic/idea!

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Very cool

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Nice work! Keep it up!

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Love it.

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Nice work!

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excellent work man

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Excellent, excellent work.

#90 Posted by Humanity (11860 posts) -

Excellent, excellent work.

The cool part was drawing this before the game came out and then seeing if my idea of the heist would be realized in-game. I was pretty close, although they don't smash through the front with a truck, they do rob a jewelry store and it kind of looks similar.