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Again, horrible thread title. In relation to my previous somewhat-related thread, I found this bite in my audio fun section. I didn't upload it originally, cuz I was pretty sloppy with it (shoddy ending, repeats, cut off words, etc.). Listen for Brad(3x), Greg, and Alex try!

Basically every episode was used, save for when Vinny or Jeff hosted. They just opened right up. Or when Rich just recycled one of the previous tags.

Hope you enjoy!!

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huh. well that was interesting.

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"Live from David Hayter's Hair..."  Fantastic!

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I don't pay much attention to Gamespot anymore but it's hard for me to picture the current group handling their shows in anything resembling this manner.

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Live from we don't care! Live from an alternate version of today! Live from inside a burning limousine! Live from the Firecracker 400!
That was great, laughed quite a bit.

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 Oh my that did not help my headache! I remember some of these though, good stuff.

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"Live from a burning limousine!"

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You have won the internets, good sir.

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Firecracker400 x2 & From an alternate version of today x2

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Live from Peter Moore's bicep

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@Matthew: yeah, they're pretty great