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I guess I don't remember where I saw the article.. But its true. I stayed up and started watching Jay Leno, and saw a Jimmy Fallon promo, just right now. They're gonna have Killer Instinct on!!!

Its on in like half-an-hour or so. I'm totally gonna try and watch all this week. :D

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Great. Can't wait to watch Fallon spaz out loudly and make it sorta awkward!

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I've seen enough of next gen games the past week to know I don't need to watch an obnoxious lat show host play them badly all the while screaming and blowing out my ear drums.

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I dont expect much at all. I'll wait for youtube clips if they become relevant.

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I read "Fallon" as "Fallout". Now I'm disappointed.

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They should bring out Infamous guy and make him monologue.

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@joeyravn said:

I read "Fallon" as "Fallout". Now I'm disappointed.

Jimmy Fallout

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@castiel said:

@joeyravn said:

I read "Fallon" as "Fallout". Now I'm disappointed.

Jimmy Fallout

IMO, much cooler that way.

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Wait did Phil Spencer really say 3 times the power of a 360? Didn't they say 10 times the power at E3?^^

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From NEOGAF cause they are crazy as Fuck

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From NEOGAF cause they are crazy as Fuck

I see damn that was a pretty big fuck up then^^

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Jimmy did a better demo than the Killzone playthrough a couple of months ago. I predict Infamous to be shown, and 3rd party?. i hope Wolfenstein gets shown, or something.

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I look forward to the PS4 demo's more than the Xbone. Also, no surprise here, they didn't show the Xbone even being used to play the games. So for all we know it could have been a computer playing those games.

Sony should show the Ps4 actually being used while on the show

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Am i the only one that likes Jimmy Fallon and that he has one of the best late night shows right now.

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@iidrltasnakeii: I think he's alright and he'll make a fantastic 'Tonight Show,' replacement. He's confirmed for it, actually! Especially since he's been doing these pro-gaming segments, for years now I guess. I like him and Craig Ferguson just fine.

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@blu3v3nom07: @bigjeffrey: That's just mean for Phil Spencer to wear a Crackdown t-shirt.......... As much as I hate MS new policies the new controller looks really fucking sick

I forgot what year but when Fallon first took over Late Night, Will Arnett did a remote at E3 for him that was fucking hilarious. I'll try to find it on youtube if I can.

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That was pretty entertaining, but that no one is going to actually be playing Forza like that. It does look sleek as hell though.

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Knack is on now.

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Good on Jimmy for showing cool shit like this on his show.

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I'm still not impressed by Knack. It's a shame Sony couldn't have something that works as more of a showcase for the console ready at launch. Still could end up being lots of fun, but I don't think it's the best way to show off the system.

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Yeah, really questionable decision to show Knack... Cerny has been a great face for the platform though. I think he comes off very genuine.

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@bigjeffrey: Either Fallon is a natural at Killer Instinct, or its meshy as hell. We'll see when KI launches with Xbox One.

For Knack, I thought Fallon gave that game a bad look when he was playing it. Cerny made it more interesting when he was playing his part of the demo. Still, Cerny looks more trustworthy than Phil Spencer.

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I think Cerny did great getting that bit about used games and online in there. The demo was a little lacking. Phil Spencer did well. I do not think KI was a good game to show as it makes the system look juvenile to the audience, but Forza 5 was a good one to show.

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Fallon is a bit corny, but it's cool that he's giving games mainstream attention. I do think they're showing the wrong games though. KI looks like just another fighter (from a casual person watching) and Knack is underwhelming all around. MS should've shown DR3 (along with keeping Forza in there) and Sony should've shown Infamous. I get why Sony showed a launch title, but their launch exclusives aren't impressive IMO.

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I'm guessing they had to tread lightly with the violence. Showing people getting shot could be bad PR for the demographic watching.

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Fallon is such a shill, look at him button mash the shit out of Killer Instinct.

Sony on the other hand, Cerney on late night TV! Give him a talk show!

"We don't require a internet connection". Audience cue clapping, lol.

Knack looks awesome, Crash Bandicoot meets LEGO star wars.

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Watch_Dogs is on in a bit.

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That applause for the Ps4 was absolutely a "If I've lost Jimmy Fallon, I've lost middle America" moment for Microsoft. Hadn't seen that before, but that few seconds was the only part of these segments that matters.

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Phil Spencer: I got a real "Call now for a free knife set!" tv sales man feeling from him. As for selling the system: I don't know the audience of the show but I believe their mostly families. I see fighting sticks, steering wheels and $499. Seems expensive..

Cerny: I don't know if I have ever seen someone so calm and considerate of his words. I could listen to him for hours. He really sold the system to families with Knack. I disagree it is a mistake demo-ing it, see people interested in inFamous or Killzone know these games exist. Parents with (young) kids don't want their four year old murdering cities in the most violent way possible, they would want to see that (gorgeous) looking family friendly game. Drop that Pixar name casually in the conversation and you get: "Have you seen that Pixar game for PS4 yesterday? My boy loves Cars." People half hear and draw conclusions quickly. That's how it works.

Also Xbox One 3 times more powerful than previous consoles (big slip up there, even if the real number is 8) and PS4 10 times more powerful. Still people don't read Phil Spencer's twitter probably.

Bottom line: From these two segments the PS4 seems the more powerful, cheaper and family friendlier system

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Watch_Dogs looked kinda rough on Fallon..