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I've been playing JRPGs for about the last 6 months, the kind where your just hitting X over and over and over. After hitting X like 500 times a day for the last 6 months my arms and hands have been getting pretty sore lately. I probably don't have carpel tunnel because I'm typing this, and It's no where near as bad as some of the horror stories I've hear like not being able to hold a fork. I probably should just not play any games for a week or two and be fine. I'm just being a complaining hypochondriac. Anyone ever pull a charlehorse in your leg? It's like that but in my arms.

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Your arms are sore? Maybe you just need to hit the gym, or not press the buttons as if your life depended on it.

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I don't remember who linked these, but here's a couple of URLs that were relevant from another thread recently. Just a few simple exercises you can do to help mitigate any repetitive-stress damage you might be doing to your wrists:


From your description, you might try being a little more active and maybe take a 20-minute break once you notice soreness/stiffness in your limbs when gaming. Another solution might be to turn on automatically advancing text if the game you're playing has that feature or just holding the controller in your other hand if all you're hitting is one button.


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go take a break from the video games. you probably don't have carpel tunnel yet though.

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I had a similar issue when Diahblow came out. I just took a break from gaming for a day and afterwards everything was fine.

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You should also refrain from pleasing your power cord.

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@Totori said:

I probably should just not play any games for a week or two and be fine.

This is the correct answer. Don't fuck around with carpal tunnel, it can mess you up mightily. If it is just soreness, give your arms and hands time to recover (maybe do some exercise) and you'll be right as rain. Also, try stretching out your arms and hands before playing, it can help to prevent some serious damage.

Also, if it gets worse and you haven't been playing, get to a doctor immediately before it gets any worse. Prevention is better than a cure, and hitting it early is what counts.

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Playing JRPGs isn't going to give you carpal tunnel. That's a myth. However you can still go blind, so stop doing it.