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I loved playing WoW, but the monthly fee and lack of friends playing it caused me to stop. Guild Wars has gotten great reviews and has no monthly fee, is it worth jumping in? 
First things first, I am TERRIBLE at mmos. I have none of the mmo instincts my friends have acquired while playing WoW and I've never gotten past level 40. 
I may be able to get a friend or 2 to join me, but it is not guaranteed. SHOULD I GET IT?
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Not at this point, wait for Guild Wars 2. 

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I bought it. It's pretty much a single player game.

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If you are horrible at MMO's then that's good, because Guild Wars is not an MMO. It's also pretty solo centric at this point aside from Factions and the end of GWEN. I suggest getting it if you want something different. It's a good game. It's not about weapons or armor like WoW. It's about getting new skills and abilities and creating and trying out different skill builds with them. I say give it a shot if you're interested. The Trilogy pack is always on sale somewhere and is a hell of a deal. If you pick it up I suggest starting in either Prophecies (the original) or Nightfall as they are much more newbie friendly than Factions is.

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You can get a 'free trial' to Guild Wars if you wanna give it a try.

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Guild Wars is not an MMO it's an RPG that has MMO quests and you can go into town or hubs and invite people into your group.
IMO WoW is a better MMO than Guild Wars. Guild Wars gets old really quick and isn't very rewarding. The interface is bad and you can only equip like 8 spells at a time.

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@Geno said:
" Not at this point, wait for Guild Wars 2.  "
The game isn't dead or anything, just it's not as filled as it used to be. A lot of the end game stuff isn't run nearly as much as it used to and the game is slowly losing it's population. I still play it on occasion but most of the big guilds and stuff have evaporated. 
And with Guild Wars 2 just on the horizon for late 2010/2011 it really isn't worth it to invest too much time into the original Guild Wars.