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@Canteu said:

So I just traded in some games and got this pile for fairly cheap. Just want your guys opinions on the quality of aforementioned titles and which I should dive into first while I finish off installing them all.

I forgot lost odyssey was 4 discs...

this is so weird i just picked up Alpha protocol and The Last remnant for dirt cheap and had the same type of which do i play first scenario, I choose alpha protocol and although its not the first time i played it, i've got really into it, the gameplay is actually pretty decent once you get the hang of how stuff works, the whole stealth thing seemed kind of broken in the beginning but now im a few points in it works a treat, the story has been fantastic so far.

#52 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

Lost Odyssey or Armored Core V. Definitely Lost Odyssey over Armored Core though.

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I'd play the return game, since you have already played the decent ones lol

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@Canteu said:

Well I played LO when it came out, so it's been a while. I did everything but the last boss and I remember liking it a lot.

Are you me? I also did everything but the last boss and then stopped, but I really liked the game.

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I say Alpha Protocol. I was gonna play that once but could not make the character I wanted. I was gonna make a sassy lady spy, but you can't be a women. I was so crushed I never played it. Petty or artistic integrity: you be the judge.

#57 Posted by Silver-Streak (1513 posts) -

Alpha Protocol. Not only because is it a very good game (while pretty damned bug-filled), but because not having played Alpha Protocol would make Matt Rorie sad.

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Alpha protocol represents the last of a specific genre that's essentially extinct now, though without some of the charm and polish that bioware pioneered.

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I haven't played Infinite Undiscovery, yet. I couldn't make it more than a few hours into Lost Odyssey. Knight's Contract is supposed to be pretty poor. Alpha Protocol was flawed, frustrating in a few places, and good enough that a ton of people have wanted a sequel for years. It's really good game with enough shades to suggest the great game that could have otherwise been possible.

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@kerse: Well I don't think we've ever been in the same room together? Don't tell the mods, me! 1 account per person. This would ruin everything!

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Alpha Protocol

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Alpha Protocol is the best game there and it's not overly long. The gameplay has some problems, but I appreciated the fact it's set up more as an RPG and less like a shooter. Playing a charisma/stealth character is definitely the way to go, but unlike most of Bioware's games, remember that you probably won't be able to please everyone you meet and choices and actions have actual consequences. It's really a shame the game didn't sell better.

Lost Odyssey is pretty solid too.

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Yep, Alpha Protocol is interesting, not that well executed but its fun.

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Alpha Protocol is a cool but flawed game. Give it a try