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I just wanted to say a little something on the power of video games. I know I might get a corny and dramatic, but it was something I really wished to comment on.

To make it quick, I sided with the geth (did not have the option to make peace between both sides) and witnessed the complete decimation of the Quarian fleet. Actually, I meant to do the Collector base side quest beforehand (which would have opened up the paragon/renegade options, ironically enough) but selected the wrong mission instead. Funny how things work out.

Anyway, what was crazy was that I personally had become so used to choosing the "good" course of action, ignorant to the point where I thought selecting the geth option would lead to happiness and joy and peace and so on. Of course, I was proven wrong and realized that my single decision wiped out an entire civilization. It was crazy, especially to the point where I had to turn off the game and just sit and reflect.

But what I mainly wanted to throw out into the GB community is that games like ME3 have become smarter and deeper in regards to its stories and the way they unfold. More importantly, I think what this strange experience has done for me, at least, is show what exactly people mean when they say that the world is "full of gray". Giving the geth their independence, their chance at life, their own humanity, these feel like the clear "good" choice. And yet, I paid the price and allowed thousands of Quarians to be slaughtered by the geth fleet. There is no right answer. And that's what's crazy. And maybe I could have saved both of them by just doing that one mission and maybe I could go back and redo everything, but in reflection, I've never seen the power of choice captured so perfectly as in this single moment.

When a video game can move you, fill you with awe, and force you to consider your own decisions, that when it becomes more than entertainment. So what I want to ask you guys is when has a game ever led you to reflect deeply upon life, good, evil, justice, morality, whatever it may be?

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Yes, it was a fantastic moment along with the decisions in Tunchunka. I don't think I can imagine playing the game with mordin alive. That was a hard decision, IMO.

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@the_ellio: Agreed, even though I made peace with the two races, which was incredibly satisfying. RIP Legion. Also, Mordin's death is probably the most worked up I got in the whole game.

Just wait till you get to the end... it'll have a whole new part of your body churning, probably your bowls.

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And I think the best (or worst) part is that unlike most of the decisions in that game, if you take that path, then Tali dies and she's not in your squad any more (she stays with Shep and company if you choose otherwise), which could have a fairly large impact on how you play the rest of the game.

And just make sure you remember how these moments felt when you played them, so the astoundingly bad ending won't completely ruin the game for you. It's important to remember how much you liked the rest of the game. Either that or wait until they put out the extended ending DLC, but who knows if that will actually help or not.

@Dany: Did you sabotage the cure? Because he dies either way (played it both ways).

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@the_ellio:You should have posted this in the Mass Effect or General Discussion forums. This just makes me want to play ME more :(

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ME3 had me glued to my chair all through, I choose the quarians so that the Geth were wiped out, when I got to the ending, ME3 really was made memorable.

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Yea that part was great ended up siding with the quaruons but both had compelling arguements

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I think it would've been better if there was no way to make peace. Mass Effect always threatens to give you a tough decision and then gives you a nice everyone wins out. No wonder people got upset when the ending had no You Win solution.

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If you like that, play Fable 3. The first half is very black and white, but there are some great choices similar to the Geth/Quarian stuff.