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So this morning, I received a call from Visa fraud prevention (thank god) about 3 $50 charges to my account from Sony Entertainment. I went to their support forum, and found that there were quite a few others who were hit at almost the same time I was, with the same type of charges. Luckily, I was able to get in and change my password before the funds left my wallet, but this really doesn't sound good. There's only 10 people or so saying it happened on the support forum, so maybe it's fairly isolated. Still might be a good idea to detach any cards you have on the account and / or change your password.


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this has been going on for a few days, the consensus seems that its once again related to Fifa

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got the exact same 3 charges going through on my card on Thanksgiving; luckily i noticed right as it was happening and removed my card info from my Sony Entertainment account and changed my p/w.

there's $150 sitting in my wallet now as well but i already put in a fraud investigation with my bank. :\ sony didn't answer my call.

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You probably got brute force hacked. Make sure your new password is over 8 characters uses numbers and has at least one capital letter. Too many people underestimate how easy it really is to brute force passwords on accounts.

Also, glad you caught it before anything went real bad that would suck.

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Adobe password theft = bruteforcing from that database is going on hard.

You should not get caught ever.

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Since I've never been a subscriber, only bought funds from the store on one-off occasions, would my credit card info even be stored on their server? I figured it might be stored locally, but I never really thought too hard about it.

Also, do you see the fraudulent charges in your PSN download history?

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@superkenon: Charges on PSN wouldn't be in your download history unless you actually buy something with the charges. Just adding funds to your wallet wouldn't qualify. It should result in an automated email from Sony saying you've added funds to your wallet though.

I don't know if it has credit card info stored since I only use the PSN cards. I imagine it is stored or at least there is an option to store it, so you wouldn't have to type it in every time you want to make a purchase.

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@superkenon: 1. No 2. You wouldn't see anything on your actual account it would show up on your bank statement. Im assuming both the guys who caught it saw the charges show up on their online bank statements.

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I caught it because I got a call from a fraud prevention thing that calls me every time there's abnormal activity on my account. So yeah, the money is just sitting in my PSN account now, so it's still technically mine at least. I'm really hoping since I caught it before they used it I can get them to refund it. I've heard nasty stories about being banned from PSN from people who have gone through their bank to do it.

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Hopefully it is a somewhat isolated occurrence. Thanks for the heads up anyways.

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Once again glad Sony never accepted my billing data.

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Update time! Those nasty stories I heard about people being banned for this? Turns out they're true! I got my money back, but I can no longer access my PSN account :(

For the record, I did try going through Sony first, and that got nowhere. So I turned to my bank and got my money back, and since Sony views any chargeback to them as a bannable offense, no matter if it's your fault or not, I was banned. I don't think I entirely care though. I don't have a PS4 yet, and I haven't bought anything on PSN in a long time. The only bummer is I was about halfway through a Plus subscription, so that's lost. I'm not too torn up about it. It sucks that I will have to start from square one if I do get a PS4, but oh well.

So to sum up, if you get hacked and want to actually get your money back, you'll probably be banned :P

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@dietomaha: yeah my account's blocked but im working with a rep to undo that.

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What's this got to do with fifa ? does this affect the Ps4