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Got some games I didn't have and gave some money to charity. Other stuff I already have or didn't want came with it. I release them to the ether.


Thomas Was Alone: 944KB-FFJVZ-JHAWP


Botanicula: FPMGB-30NET-T55QF

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition: 29Y8T-M7LJV-MTIRY

Medal of Honor: 9CP4C-WKV46-HPCVD


Dead Space: 3KC4-CN98-WCXQ-C3LR-EDDC

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box: BWW6-KU6B-ZXPY-FXQL-EN2J

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition: 7EJS-TWC2-WQRH-E2YX-WMV7

Dead Space 3: 67Y8-L4EZ-SFE2-C2V3-5AA2

Medal of Honor: C3BK-DVVM-Y9Y5-2TGW-9SK4

Mirrors Edge: 4P33-6E96-5ESU-YLRY-PPFT

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Pills here....if you know what im sayin !. The codes are used and no one said thanks...again

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I got McPixel! I always thought that looked really cool. Thanks, duder!

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Ha, not suprised. Whatever glad someone will get to play 'em. Bit of common courtesy wouldn't go amiss though.

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@planetfunksquad said:

Ha, not suprised. Whatever glad someone will get to play 'em. Bit of common courtesy wouldn't go amiss though.

Not to tell you how to do your business, but I have heard that sometimes there are bot accounts that just search forums for Steam keys in the XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX format, then retrieve and use them, and fuck those guys. Maybe that's all an urban legend, I don't actually know.

Anyway, I know it's more effort, but in the future, it's probably a little better to say "I have keys for these games, PM me with which one you want" to make sure actual forum users get they keys, not some guy running bot accounts on multiple forums just key farming.

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I hear you, and I normally do just that (infact I think I have you on Steam because I did that), but it was a lot of codes and I couldn't be arsed ha. I asked friends, no-one wanted them, I put them out there. Sucks that people can't code a part of thier bot that leaves a post saying "Hey thanks dude", but I won't lose sleep over it :)

@onekillwonder_: This guy makes it worth it. ITS ALL LOVE HOMIE.

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@planetfunksquad: Indeed it is the reason we're friends on Steam. You coulda asked me if I wanted a key! I would've taken Thomas Was Alone! Why don't you love me anymore!?

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@bisonhero: Actually, I might have a Thomas key from a bundle awhile back... let me dig through some emails.