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Random Thought: Do you think that the basic premise of the Killzone series (helghast invasion) would be a good movie (maybe not a blockbuster budget). It seems like multiple elements of the series are iconic such as the helghast masks and the flying transports. I have been watching some of the work done by Freddie Wong and the guys at Corridor Digital and was thinking they could probably do a great 5 part series on that world. What do you think, Is the curse of the video game movie too powerful?

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IMO it could work

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I'd watch two hours of dudes running around putting their thumbs into peoples eyes and screaming really loudly.

They could probably even get Malcolm McDowell to reprise his character, he will do anything.

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If you get Brian Cox then sure; he's awesome in everything.

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I like the world and I think it would make a good sci-fi movie. It'd be fun to watch that translated to the big screen. Hey just get them to animate the whole thing like their cut scenes from the beginning of 2 and 3 and I am in.