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That's also the same power button as my coffee maker!  Sweet!  Metal Gear Joe!

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don't care so much for MGS

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well...i suppose the new MGS could very well be another iteration in the Acid series.  as Brad already put it, the way it's spelled is commonly "AC!D".

coincidentally, since exclamation marks occur twice in the above pictured equation it may very well be another ACID game.  as far as the "i" is concerned though.....that's still beyond me.  i sincerely hope it's not an iphone game though.  far too many ppl have Nintendo DS's and Wii's compared to the amount of ppl that have iPhones.

it would be silly for Konami to put effort on an MGS for the iPhone....the fact is that games on iPhone/IPod Touch are downright horrible.  god help Konami if they want to go the tilt-based control route.

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Yep. Im pretty sure this is gonna be a 360 metal gear. Not necessarily MGS4 though.

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You people are crazy.  That's not an "i", its an upside down exclamation point.  Metal Gear Solid ¡EN ESPAÑOL!

Well that engrish is pretty atrocious so maybe not.

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This was gone over before.

Existence was the name of the bonus disc that played the movies of MGS3 with action scenes added in.  It was part of the Subsistence LE box.

For what it's worth I don't believe it's MGS4, I think there is a connection with Ac!d and the MGS proper games in some new hybrid for the 360.  Possibly a tactics game or a MGS proper game in the Ac!d universe.

I don't want MGS4 for 360, a new game - however different it is - is better than a port.

And I'm still waiting for a new Snatcher/Policenauts game.

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When I first saw that trailer I almost thought it was gonna end with a screamer or something.

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im hopin its a totaly new metal gear game for the 360

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i=intelligence + !=the ! of the MGS series = ! over a circle or a head :p

Teasing that the Next MGS will have smarter AI that will get surprised and have a ! over his head

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360 MGS 4 the win!!

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How does this point to a 360 release of a Metal Gear game? (notice. No "Solid")
"It shows a powerbutton logo thingy!" ... yeah, so does my PS3 and PC..

Desperate.. it's pathetic really :D

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ZeForgotten said:
"How does this point to a 360 release of a Metal Gear game? (notice. No "Solid")
"It shows a powerbutton logo thingy!" ... yeah, so does my PS3 and PC..

Desperate.. it's pathetic really :D"
Not really. Even though there's no real reason to assume it has anything to do with the 360, chosing this color, this vagueness and the symbol that, although it is very common, is very quickly associated with the 360,  after Kojima seemed to have made every effort to nip every 360-rumor in the bud is either very oblivious/stupid or very suspicious.

Although it might be stupid to connect this to the 360, the designers behind this teaser must have known that people are going to do exactly that. Yet still they decided to keep it that way. Why?