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I'm not entirely sure what this is, a Konami-centric social networking site I guess? I signed up for it in pursuit of Revengeance DLC, you could get codes for the MGS4 Raiden armor. I think I missed out on that but just got a closed beta code today. So far it's been filling out profiles and collecting "badges" which is basically stuff like "A true Konami gamer always registers their games". I don't know how interesting it will be as it continues but there are rewards and stuff?

Anyway I think there are badges to be had for inviting people to the beta so if you want in PM me with your email address and I'll send you an invite. I'll update this if the rewards seem noteworthy.


Edit: So far it seems pretty crappy, mainly just a marketing tool.

Edit: This just in! You can assign a selection of quotes from Konami characters for your profile including the infamous Zobek!

Edit: ....... this is kinda dumb guys.