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#51 Posted by BiggerBomb (7012 posts) -
Caddy said:
"Sentry said:
"But they are still going to TGS? E3? Leipzig? GDC? and more? :S
In terms of coverage yes, but not as a news team to bring you the latest and greatest. I would imagine it's going to be much like E3 where they don't break the news as it happens, but discuss afterwards in the form of bombcasts and articles on the site.

I haven't listened to the last couple of Bombcasts but did they discuss Comic Con? I was hoping to get some coverage from some of the games presented there.
#52 Posted by Dissolve (392 posts) -

Hopefully this site will have some editorial content and news some day.

As for now, it's just a wiki and gamefaqs clone.

#53 Posted by lordofultima (6560 posts) -

Original content is what I want out of Giant Bomb, I get countless RSS feeds about video game news all day, I can visit GameTrailers for any game trailer that I want. But I just want original features, featuring the editors themselves. This is the cream of the crop, in my opinion.

#54 Posted by MadExponent (321 posts) -

N4G comes off sounding like a fanboy wetdream.  Kotaku is better for news.  It's a feed. GiantBomb can do news if they want...I think it would be kinda nice if they did interviews and previews on a regular basis, but I'm not sure that they have gained that kind of credibility to get that access from publishers.

#55 Posted by The_Shame (21 posts) -

As im lazy by nature i  think that the forums are the best place for news, because if people arent talking about it then it cant be that interesting.

I dont really care about lists of stock updates or announcements of when games go gold or whatever, the podcast does a great job of running through all the important news in the past week.

#56 Posted by Funployee (32 posts) -

There are better game sites devoted to news like blogs like Kotaku.com, joystiq.com, destructoid.com, dont go to gamespot, their news pales to comparison with these sites mentioned.

#57 Edited by outlaw4020 (58 posts) -

So far the blog seems to be where all of giantbombs game news gets reported, but its in blog format and its not alot of news.

Unless they hire a person or two to make a news section and report on it, i dont see them having a news section right now.

#58 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

I do go to Gamespot still, but I do hope to only go to GB for news in a few months.

#59 Posted by Sentry (4198 posts) -

I don't care about news from GB, just some video podcast, event video stuff, that kind of thing.

Other then that, I have N4G for news, I don't need GB to report on it, just give us their opinions maybe in a news podcast or something.

#60 Posted by KillerFly (450 posts) -
Dissolve said:
"Hopefully this site will have some editorial content and news some day.

As for now, it's just a wiki and gamefaqs clone.
This site has the potential to be way better than [the video game parts of ] Wiki or gamefaqs.