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Games that are fun are previewing poorly. Highly anticipated games that are previewed do not contain new game mechanics. Does anyone else think that in recent years there have been less enticing previews for announced games and more games, that once released, win critical acclaim out of nowhere? This E3, not many previews have highlighted new game mechanics or fun games, and some of the biggest games of last year previewed terribly. Take Far Cry 3 for example. The game was previewed poorly for the pandering nudity. Yet, it was one of the highest rated AAA titles of last year. This year, nothing has caught my interest at E3, but I've grown to expect this. Instead I'm anticipating fun AAA titles with new game mechanics to come out of nowhere. It's not entirely new to anticipate hits out of nowhere, but has anyone else felt this way especially in recent years? Has anyone felt this is happening more often or has been becoming the norm?