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Sometime soon I'll be hosting a LAN party at my house complete with 3-4 TVs and a handful of a few consoles. A lot of the more obvious games that most people own have been tossed around as suggestions (games like Halo, COD, L4D, Borderlands) but I know there will be a few that just slip the mind.

With a general focus on console games we can LAN together, or even fun split screen games, does anyone have some suggestions?

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Throw down one of the Worms games, they're usually good for ruining friendships. Also while not LAN games, I've found that the Mario Kart / Smash Bros games are great fun when there's a group of people playing in the same room. Maybe give Iron Brigade a go (can that be run across a LAN? Eitherway I daresay the saluting shenanigans would render the actual game a secondary thought).

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Iron Brigade is a good suggestion.

Also, if you want to truly test the limits of your friendship, you could do a Lantern Run in Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (it's not LAN, you would all just play locally on one 360).

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Halo 2 MP or Rainbow Six: Vegas Terrorist Hunts. My friends and I lived off LANing these games during high school. So many great memories.

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If you have more than one person per TV/Console Halo is your best bet. L4D is also a good option for 2 people per console. COD will be for 1 person per console via system link. Same thing with Borderlands. If you want more variety you could have one console going with a fighting game like Mortal Kombat going if you have lots of people to trade off fights with, between matches of Halo. Gears could also be played 2 per console. Not really sure about XBLA stuff that works well with system link. Doom and Doom 2 could be a fun retro kick, or even Perfect Dark.

For retro consoles WWF No Mercy for the N64 is a blast with four people, those Royal Rumble matches can get intense. If you turn of ring outs also it can go for a long time. Back in the day a group of friends and I would play that way with each person putting in money every time they got eliminated, winner gets the pot.

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Quake III Arena is somehow still one of the greatest LAN games of all time, with or without nostalgia. My friend insisted the nine of us play, and it was a blast. If everybody CAN bring any kind of computer (as laptops can easily run Q3 at this point) it's still a great choice. It's also available on XBLA, but that's definitely not the preferred version.

Blur is a great Xbox alternative to Mario Kart. I don't know about its LAN properties, but it's a great local multiplayer title. And while WWE All Starsdefinitely won't have much to offer on LAN, it's absurdly fun to play the 4 player brawl mode.

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I know it's not very original but I have fond Halo 3 LAN memories.

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@dvdhaus: That seems to be the hardest part honestly, figuring out the TV/console per person ratio for specific games. I'm pretty sure we will have enough for each person (up to 4 people).

@BisonHero: I don't want to kill anybody!

@mosespippy: Jack might be a great idea! I'm sure I get could get it at Gamestop rather cheap by now.