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I know the forums here hate "requests" for videos, but man, I sure could go for another Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Lantern Run attempt. :)

How much did you duders enjoy them?

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The last one ended poorly but i would tune in for another go at it.

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I love the Lantern Run videos, but yeah, after the last one I highly doubt another one will be attempted.

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Oh my god I was just watching these over again a couple of nights ago. I'd love to see more. Gotta get Will back in it to bicker with Ryan, though.

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Loved them, but it ain't gonna happen after how the last one ended.

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Yeah, I think that the end of the last one kind of put a cap on the whole Lantern Run thing.

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I'd love for them to give it another shot, if only to see Brad "accidentally" grab all the important items again. Will is a bro.

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Getting Will around for any reason is always good.

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I miss Ryan constantly being a dick to Will Smith...

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It would be entertaining, but I kind of like the the insane, disastrous note it was left on.

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I would love to see them do another one.

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One can hope...!

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After the four-paragraph apology Ryan had to type up last time, not a chance.

@rafaelfc said:

I miss Ryan constantly being a dick to everyone.

Fixed that for you.

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For those who do not know. The last Lantern run left everyone involved absolutely frazzled.

Tempers were super high and you can see this all in the video. We find it funny however Ryan got so pissed he uttered a word that is unrepeatable here or else we I would be banned and people were banned at the time and will be banned. It was not racial so its not THAT word or such.

He went into immediate regret and apologized profusely, the audio has been chosen to be cut at that moment so it may not offend anyone in an archived form.

This did lead to Ryan working on a Editorial apology on the front page. This was the last days of Whiskey media so it wasnt CBSI HR on his back. It was purely Ryans regret and sorrow.

Put a real dampener on his weekend and maybe even month.

Soured the hole thing for them ontop of Will being hard to acquire with a BABY.

Safer no to especially under CBSI Eye.

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Fuck Ryan Davis ?

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The only way they could possibly top the last one is if they got into an actual fist fight.

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@akyho said:

He went into immediate regret and apologized profusely, the audio has been chosen to be cut at that moment so it may not offend anyone in an archived form.

I think Vinny (or Drew) made it even more discrete that simply removing the audio (which would leave a noticeable silent gap). If memory serves, Vinny/Drew/whoever spliced a sound bite of one of the many times Ryan yelled "fucker!" in over the offending word. It was done seamlessly enough that the first time I watched the video, I was really confused why everyone got upset over the common act of Ryan calling Will a fucker (I hadn't heard anything about the actual incident yet at that time).

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We don't speak about the lantern run no more