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Yep, another one of those threads.

So my laptop has recently given up on me and since I'm gonna be getting a new one, I thought why not try and see about getting one that I can game on! I'm not looking for anything too top end because of my restricted budget, but something that can comfortably play most games on a mid/high setting level if possible (although I know it may not be).

I've had my eyes on this laptop for a little while but would prefer some opinions from people who know their stuff before taking the plunge with it.


Now if I can find a laptop near that price range that is vastly superior I'd go with that, but as it stands that's the best I could find.

My price range would max at about £500 with a little wiggle room if it's justified.

So with that duders, I ask the good community at Giantbomb to shepherd me to safety.


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You won't be doing to much gaming on that Laptop. The GTX 635m is a fairly under powered GPU and will stress out on any newer game. Unless you want to be running your games at 720p with low / medium settings you have to be looking to double the money you want to spend.

For gaming you need to look for something with a GTX 650m

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That laptop has a 635M which http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GT-635M.66964.0.html should do what you want of it, but the resolution of that laptop (1368x768) is incredibly ancient.

If I was you I'd get one of these - http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/notebooks/SkyFireIII-14/ if you remove it coming with an OS, it knocks £79 off the price, and the 760M kicks the 635M's ass all day long. Make sure you change it to an i5 processor. It has a 1600x900 screen which is a lot better for the screen size than 1368x768 stretched onto a 15".

It's over your budget, but £50-70 extra for a laptop with a 760M and much better screen is easily worth it.

For reference here's the 760M on Battlefield 4:

28FPS on ultra in the campaign is pretty good, though the guy in that video has a quad core i7 instead of the dual core i5, not too sure how big a difference that will play in BF4 but the 760M is definitely quite powerful for a laptop.

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@anywhereilay: Take a look at this review of the Asus G75 - it's similarly specced to the system you linked, however their test bed does have an SSD as opposed to the Medion's platter drive. Same video card and a similar CPU.

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@mb: After a quick search I couldn't find any available for purchase. Do you know what kinda price the Asus would be going for? Since they've got such similar specs I'd probably go for the cheapest, mind you I wouldn't even be considering such prices except that this Medion seems to be going for relatively cheap (from what I can tell).

Although mind you I know little about this stuff, hence the topic...

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@anywhereilay: It's hard to say...ASUS releases new hardware all the time. They're one of my favorite hardware manufacturers though, and their gaming laptops are a good value. Their newest base gaming laptop is around the $1300-$1400 USD mark and has a GTX 765M 2GB video card, an i7-4700 CPU, and 12gb of RAM. Downside (for me anyway) is that it's a 17" screen and the beast weighs in at around 9 pounds. Not exactly portable if that's what you were looking for.