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Basically, I'm talking about the feeling of having played a game and thinking "yes, I just played a masterpiece!"; a game that when you finish it, you feel like you should give it a standing ovation.

Personally, the last game that I played that I would consider 'amazing' would be Planescape: Torment; gameplay: not so good, but that was balanced out by the outstanding narrative elements. I'd also say Walking Dead, but for obvious reasons, I haven't finished the game yet - so I'm going to abstain from calling it amazing just yet...

Anyway, what was the last game that you played that you personally would consider 'amazing'?

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Bioshock 1.

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Saints Row 2.

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Masterpiece isn't really a term that I think of, but the last game I played that left a significant impression on me is either Spec Ops: The Line (which I started and finished today) or Journey.

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Some moments in Resonance.

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Enslaved. Liked parts of Heavenly Sword and enjoyed the demo so I expected to like it but for whatever reason just sat on the game for a year or so. Finally played it last month and was blown away. Good gameplay, great writing, top notch voice and mocap acting, and an absolutely gorgeous art design. Damn shame the sequel isn't happening.

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Red Dead Redemption

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Super Metroid

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I can't ever give love to just one game so I'll just list the ones from the past couple years.

  • Demon's Souls when I played it in 2010 and Dark Souls (to a lesser extent since it wasn't quite as fresh of an experience after Demon's Souls, still absolutely loved it.)
  • Skyrim
  • Battlefield 3 for the multiplayer, not so much the campaign.
  • Darksiders
  • League of Legends
  • ...I replayed DMC3 like 4 times since last year. (Can't resist giving love to this game any time I have a chance to.)
  • Episode 2 of The Walking Dead
  • BF: Bad Company 2's multiplayer
  • Red Dead Redemption

I feel like I might be leaving some PS3 game out but I can't remember... Anyways, those are the games I've played since 2010 that I find to be "HOLY FUCK AMAZING."

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Hm, Amazing game. Planetside 2. That game's epic moments still amaze me.

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Half-Life 2. Portal. VVVVVV. Bastion.

Just to name a few games I played on PC in the last decade that fit the description.

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I just finished playing MGS4 for the first time like 2 days ago, and I knew that it was something crazy/special; even if a good deal of the references were lost on me (I haven't played any other Metal Gear game), I still laughed heartily and more often than I expected.

When I finished playing Journey, I found out that I had played with ONE other person the whole way through (though I didn't know it until the end), and it left such an impression on me that just I have remembered his/her PlayStation Network username off the top of my head ever since. I even sent a friend request immediately after with the attached message "That. Was. Amazing." which I also remember. Why? Because emotionally charged memories are more strongly stored in memory. Why? Because the amygdala is very close to the hippocampus. Look it up.

And dude, straight up, Saints Row: The Third blew my goddamn mind out the back of my fuckin' head. I mean I visit GiantBomb.com, so I am probably the kind of person who would obviously dig that game, but let me hit you with this: my friend is a brash young bon-vivant that drinks a lot, has a lot of sex, and barely plays video games. He also happens to be a supremely cool guy (no, not because of the drinking, sex, etc.) with a pretty keen sense of humor. He'd boot up GTA:SA every so often to put in a bunch of cheats and beat the Christ out of cops for a half hour to unwind, but that was about it. But one fine day, I lent him my 360 and Saints Row: The Third, and it was literally the first video game this marvelous motherfucker had ever played from start to finish. He did the missions and everything - a concept he had never even considered in other games - and we even talked about how crazy the TRON level etc. were. I think that if SR3 can draw in a dude who could scarcely give less of a fuck about games, it's something special, too.

So that was 3 answers. Sorry.

EDIT: Fuck, Red Dead Redemption was super great as well. I barely even have emotions; the kind of guy who is pretty much always kinda happy-go-lucky and not a whole lot else. But Red Dead made me shed 2 tears at the end. Yo, I NEVER cry, hear me? That's 4 answers. Once again, my apologies.

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depends for a lot of different games. Recently from the Steam Sale my low expectations to a lot of games, really surprised me to the charm of a lot of games I passed by.

But basically Rayman Origins really did make me re evaluate my standards for platformers now.

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I can never pick one however, Bioshock, Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age origins, Dark Souls, Fallout 3, Alan Wake, and Braid quickly come to mind.

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I played Skyrim yesterday, which I think is amazing, however I've played that game on and off for almost a year now. I don't think any of the games I've played since Skyrim's release, which includes Saints Row the Third, Rayman: Origins (I haven't played enough of it though) and Final Fantasy XIII, are amazing games. Actually, maybe FIFA 12 would qualify...

Of games from this generation, I'd say GTAIV, Dragon Age: Origins, Bastion, Batman Arkham Asylum and Mass Effect. I have to say, since it's been mentioned so often here, that I didn't like BioShock.

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The last one I played was Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I played it a month or two ago and, outside of a couple of boss fights, I was completely enthralled.

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Dear Esther, in particular the cave was fucking amazing.

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hmm... Binary Domain maybe. if not that, than witcher 2, and if not that then Nier (which is a masterpiece, THE masterpiece really)

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Super Meat Boy. I was really late to the party.

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Persona 4. Before that Persona 3.

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Journey. Mark of the Ninja was pretty close. The Walking Dead will likely be there when the final episode is finished. Episode 3 was pretty incredible.

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Super Meat Boy.

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I think it is going to have to be Dragon age:origins for me. I became really invested in its story

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Journey. God dammit if that game isn't fucking amazing.

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Grandia. It's part nostalgia, but replaying it on Vita reconfirmed my feelings. Sometimes you just want to go "Fuck it, I'm going on an adventure, keep your intricate plots to yourselves."

It's a bit on the easy side.. but at least you can try to beat all the enemies before they get a single action in for the alternate victory music? There's a fan patch to spice things up but I can't vouch for its quality.

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Dark Souls and Bayonetta. I keep saying that every chance I get, but those might be the only games I've ever felt were truly amazing. I have a lot of respect and love for other games, but those two are at the top, looking down on the filthy peasants.

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The Walking Dead continues to amaze me. Earlier in the year I was amazed by Journey. Before that I guess Bastion. What a fantastic time for gaming this is!

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Rayman Origins

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Binary Domain or Max Payne 3

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Probably Gravity Rush, that game deserves way more attention than it's getting.

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Journey. Definitely Journey.

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@BeachThunder: Bastion

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Skyrim. Yeah, it was that long ago. I've played many games since but nothing I'd describe as amazing. Good, yes; hellaciously fun, absolutely, but nothing as engrossing and exciting as Skyrim. Because of the mods, Skyrim doesn't end for me when it's over. The creative community extends the life and entertainment value of the game beyond the traditional life cycle. It continues to be one of the best experiences I've had with a video game.

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Alan Wake so far. Would have said LA Noire so far but the ending of the Golden Butterfly case is obnoxiously difficult even though the clear bad guy all but admits to it.

Actually lets just say Skyrim...

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Assassin's Creed 2 or Red Dead Redemption...but there are others that I have played more recently than that but I am having a hard time thinking of them

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Max Payne 3, great story and characters...multiplayer is a blast also.

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I'm a harsh critic and I don't use the word "amazing" very often at all, but I do still say that about Dark Souls.  Or, as I've called it before, Sword Quest 2.  The near-complete lack of guidance created and fueled a community of players helping each other without anyone losing the sense that it was *their own* adventure.  The reward in playing it is made possible by the punishing structure of the game.  For once, the game is "fight for your life," not just "get to the end and see all the content we made."  It's probably the truest adventure game I've played, and the most morbidly satisfying dungeon crawl as well. 
I did love Demon's Souls as well, but the differences made to the formula in Dark Souls really counted for a lot in my book.

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Portal 2, the campaign was amazing and the community has put out some great stuff since.

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Bastion. It's the game I played most recently on my all time favorites list. All of that game is totally beautiful to me, from the mechanics to the story.

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Gimme a minute....either Persona 2 or Eversion.

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Journey. That game is just... holy shit...

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Great humour, story, and I really liked the level designs.

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The most recent game for me, not counting The Walking Dead(though if you haven't played those just fucking do it. If the last 2 episodes are anywhere near as good as the first 3 then it's got a damn good shot at being GOTY for me) is Journey I believe.

It's sad to see so many people here listing old games and I hope they're just picking a game from any time instead of actually thinking about the LAST amazing game they played. There's a lot of awesome games out there and if you haven't been able to call one amazing for the better part of a decade, you might need to step away for a bit.

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Last time I had that feeling was the beginning of this year when I played through Bastion. I really fell in love with what that game was doing.