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There's probably been a few posts about this already, but today's the last day! You only need to put up a dollar to vote, and right now Brad Muir's idea isn't among the top four! He had a T-Rex hat and everything!


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I cant believe Hack n' Slash is winning. It sounds like a generic game with bad meta-jokes that aren't funny for very long like DLC Quest.

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@Flacracker said:

I cant believe Hack n' Slash is winning. It sounds like a generic game with bad meta-jokes that aren't funny for very long like DLC Quest.

the game is apparently all about breaking it by using exploits and hacks. i don't see how that's generic.

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It more so reminds me of Code Hero.

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Why is it that none if the threads about this include working links?

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AS long as White Birch is there I dont care for any other (well black lake but I dont think it will win) and yeah the Hack & Slash seems so lame for me , Im baffled as to why it is #1 :/

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I really hope Brad's idea makes the cut, as a fan of his enthusiasm and the Godzilla films he is basing this concept on. And I agree with the sentiment Hack and Slash's success is a bit baffling. Autonomous too, I have no interest in building bots from scrap metal, swear that's been done before. Space Base looks rad though.

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Thanks for the reminder, I'd forgotten all about the whole thing somehow.

Looking forward to seeing the end product, and playing around with the brazen prototype.

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I too will voice my disgust that Brad's idea isn't doing better.

Seriously disappointed...

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I like Double Fine High, The White Birch, Autonomous, and Kaiju Piledriver.

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I pulled the numbers into a spreadsheet a littler while ago. The top 8 have a nice slope, then there is a cliff and the data gets pretty flat. My guess is that people wanting a game not in the top 4 didn't vote for the top 4 but voted for as many of the losing ones as they wanted. I can't get all the names to show up in a saved image, but Brad's game is #6.

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The only game I'm really interested in is Autonomous. Buildable robots and a Tron-like '80s-sci-fi aesthetic? Sign me the fuck up. I'll be so upset if we don't at least get a prototype build of that game. It's pretty much the sole reason I donated.

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The voting period is finished, and the winners are as follows: Brandon Dillon (Hack n' Slash), JP LeBreton (Spacebase DF-9), Andy Wood (The White Birch), and Lee Petty (Autonomous).

I had been interested in all of those, but they weren't my top picks...although I knew there was no chance my top pick of Flock would make it, it was a bit of an odd ball, but I thought it sounded really interesting.