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What are yours? For me, it was Dishonored for both. Blink makes that game way too simple on normal. I'm considering bumping up the difficulty. Also, while I love the world building and the idea of the art style, man does that game look TERRIBLE on 360, with some of the lowest resolution textures I've ever seen on this generation of hardware (the foliage in particular looks godawful).Thank goodness it runs smoothly and plays great, because otherwise...yeesh.

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I was playing a match of AE2012 online when midnight hit. So that for both.

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Borderlands 2. I have been off for nearly a week from work and have spent a lot of time playing this game. Its pretty damn good.

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Hmm well I was playing Persona 3 two nights ago, so that would be my last. And after the ball dropped I played PS All-Stars with some friends, so that'd be my first of the year.

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Last played was Far Cry 3, first was Don't Starve.

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Endless Space for both. I was playing it a bit before midnight and played it a couple turns before afterwards.

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Mega Man on the 3DS virtual console last night was the last game I played in 2012. Proffesor Layton & The Miracle Mask was the first of 2013 as I was able to download my free 3DS game as soon as it hit the 1st.

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Last game played was FTL, first game still up for grabs, I get the feeling it will be Mark of the Ninja though since its on sale on steam right now.

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Crusader Kings II for both. Assassinated my two sons who were going to inherit a good chunk of my demesne due to some weird workaround because of shitty succession laws and managed to do a whole lot of nothing for ten years or so.

This game is sort of wilting, it is my first 'real' game, so I may have to start a new campaign. Might try my hand at Ireland.

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Half LIfe 2!!!!! :D

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Last game was Curiosity. First one hasn't happened yet.

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Beat Assassin's Creed 3 before the end of 2012. First game played this year is Dragon Quest 8.

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Forza Horizon - Rally DLC is da shit!

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Mass Effect/Mass Effect

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted for both.

Got my 3 pro mods achievement for online multiplayer so now I'll never play that again.

I really don't see the appeal of the multiplayer. I think takedowns are fun in races, but don't see the point of them at meet ups. Plus I had all the SP I needed from single player so I didn't really feel any incentive to win races or get takedowns at meet ups. I think I'll go back to Forza Horizon for my multiplayer fix.

I had a blast with the single player though. The cops were pointless, annoying and a huge step back from Hot Pursuit but the races were all fun. I would have liked some miscellaneous challenges like drift challenges or jump challenges, but oh well.

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Dark Souls and Skylanders: Giants respectively.

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Civ V for both

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Metroid Prime.

Incidentally, I first played Metroid Prime when I got a Gamecube for Christmas in 2003 so I was most likely also doing the exact same thing a decade ago, with the same disc too!

Man, that game is fucking amazing. It's gonna be a good year. Fuck, I'm gonna be a senior in college this fall, a prospect which is both very exciting and scary as hell.

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Last Game FORZA Horzion, First Game FORZA Horizon.

This game is so fucking good and i don't even like racing games

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Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge in 2012 (still not quite midnight here on the west coast), and will likely be Razor's Edge when I pick up where I left off tomorrow.

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NBA Jam: On Fire Edition for both.

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Last 2012: FTL, First 2013: FTL

Damn you addictive games!!!

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In training mode for Persona 4 Arena when it turned midnight. So that for both.

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@kerse said:

Last game played was FTL, first game still up for grabs, I get the feeling it will be Mark of the Ninja though since its on sale on steam right now.

I'm the exact same. My first game will ether be Borderlands 2 or Mark of the Ninja since I've been playing both of those.

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I'm currently playing Oblivion and it's 11:58 PST. It's the only game I own that I haven't finished or have the desire to finish.

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Persona 4 Golden was the last game I played in 2012. It is the first game I played in 2013 - because I played it through midnight.

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Don't Starve, both sides, one session

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then Darksiders 2

I am getting ready for Anarchy Reigns and then to have Giant Bomb shit all over it

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XCOM was my last, not played anything yet.

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The last game of 2012 for me was Borderlands 2. The first game of 2013 is more than likely going to be Civilization V.

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Last game in 2012 was Mario Kart Double Dash. First game in 2013 was Rock Band 2.

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Last game I played in 2012 was BF 3, first game in 2013 is Persona 4.

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Played some TF2 just for the hell of it, and then some more Don't Starve.

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Last of 2012: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

First of 2013: Wolfenstein 3D

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Mark of the Ninja for both as I had not yet finished it yesterday only just beat it this morning.

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Last game of 2012: Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes (Far Cry 3 before that.)

First game of 2013: Battlefield 3 since I decided to check out Armored Kill and Aftermath, neither of which I've played up until then. Really liked the former; I'm really itching for another good game with tanks now.

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Going to start with some FTL.

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Lost a game of League of Legends in 2012. My win percentage for 2013 is 100%. Getting pretty good at that Amumu jungle, gotta work on counter-jungling though.

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FTL / Zeus (city builder)

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XCOM on both accounts.

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MGS4 last year, probably MGS4 when I get home tonight. Never played it before, that game is pretty cool.

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess; the way it was meant to be played on the GameCube. Probably kick off 2013 with that, too. Or you know...one of those modern games.

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Dead Island last year, nothing yet this year. Thinking maybe Borderlands 2 or XCOM, or maybe something completely different.

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Paper Mario Sticker Star on both counts. Seems like a pretty underrated game that people have discounted because it dares to take the series in a different direction. So far I'm finding it extremely creative and well designed.

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My first game was XCOM as I predicted, but I don't think I want to play that game anymore. It's just crazy hard and most of the time it's based around luck.

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Last game was Angry Birds Star Wars. Still haven't played anything this year.