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Title says it all.

For me, it was Burnout Paradise at 2:00 yesterday morning. I have yet to play a game in 2014, but I imagine it will either be CS:GO or Neverwinter Nights 2, as those are the games I've been playing most heavily for the past few weeks.

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Animal Crossing New Leaf was both the last game I played in 2013 and the first game I played in 2014. I brought in the new year with Isabelle, Tom Nook, Henry the frog, and Violet the gorilla.

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Skyrim was the last game I played in 2013 and first of 2014. Played it right through.

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Demon's Souls Last Game of 2013, probably first of 2014

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Dead Space 3. Fuck.

I should pick something good to start 2014 off with. Persona 4 Golden or Etrian Odyssey IV ought to do.

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Staring at my Xbox right now. Last played / first played Eternal Sonata, also downloading Sleepy DAWGZZ

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Uh, i haven't played anything after midnight, lame new years for me at home no parties or anything.

Earlier i was playing AC4, and tomorrow i plan on playing more AC4 cus i stopped at a pretty cool area and im already anxious to see whats going to happen. GREAT game btw. SO much better than AC3.

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Well, it's only 10 pm here, but since I'm just about to go settle in with it for the night, my last of 2013 and first of 2014 will be Persona 3 Portable.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf, all but 3 of my townspeople were there for the countdown and fireworks. Their bodies will never be found.

Happy New Year, friends!

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The Sims

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Shadowrun returns-2013

How to survive-2014

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Last game played of 2013 was Brothers: This Control Scheme is the Shits

First game played of 2014 has been Deadlight. Shit's pretty good, yo.

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Okami HD, I'm about 2/3 the way thru.

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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag for both. And couldn't be happier. Happy New Year, everyone!

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Remember Me on both counts. I'm cool with that, game seems awesome so far. No complaints.

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Vanquish, Demon Souls, and Samurai Showdown end my 2013. Thought I would make some time to play Zenoblade chronicles this year. One of the games I own and never touched. I will also add some Mario 3d world and Metal gear revengence play for the smiles.

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Injustice (the mobile one), Jetpack Joyride, and Quantum Conundrum.

I think my resolution should be to play better games

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Race the sun and Race the sun.

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SMT IV last game of 2013

it's still not 2014 yet though

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Assassin's Creed IV

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Last game played in 2013 was Rayman Legends. Still an hour until 2014 here.

Edit: Beyond will probably be the first game I play in 2014.

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2013: Starcraft 2

2014: Starcraft 2

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Probbably gonna be Battlefield 4 for both. Won'r get to play anything until after work tomorrow afternoon, but I can already feel the BF itch.

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My Last Game of 2013 was A Link Between Worlds.

My First Game of 2014 was Team Fortress 2.

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For me GTA V takes both of them... The more I play it though, the less I like it

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Remember Me. Got it the day before New Year's Eve so I'm still working my way through it, but I'm really loving it so far. That said, there were maybe 2-3 instances (including a certain boss fight) where I just kinda went "ooooooooooh, I totally see why people didn't like this game!"

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Last game I played last year was GTA V, around two weeks ago. Haven't played anything since, but I'm planning on playing Diablo 3 today.

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Rogue Legacy was the last game of 2013 for me. So far I like it all right. Definitely a good game, but I dunno if I'm jiving with it for right now.

First game of 2014? The Beast Within because I'm a great person.

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2013: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox One) - Loving it by the way

2014: Nothing yet, but probably Battlefield 4 (Xbox One) to see how fucked it STILL is (I want to love it). Or just Black Flag if I'd rather play a game instead of just watching one limp around and shit on itself.

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Fire Emblem Awakening

Just beat it too, first game finish for 2014.

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Battlefield 4 for both.

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You Don't Know Jack TV/ You Don't Know Jack Headrush

EDIT: Wait, no, I replayed some of Hitman Absolution

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@cathryn said:

Well, it's only 10 pm here, but since I'm just about to go settle in with it for the night, my last of 2013 and first of 2014 will be Persona 3 Portable.

i've been making my way through it too, it's fucking good.

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XIII. Replaying it after about seven years.

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2013: Guacamelee.

2014 doesn't start for another 45 minutes, but it will probably be Risk of Rain.

EDIT: it was actually Torchlight 2.

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Just Finished/s-ranked Deadlight, and in 2014 Around the 1 o'clock central, finished the last few hours of mass effect 2 insanity cheevo. About to hit up the end of mass effect 1 and finish off the last achievements for it. Getting very close to 92% on this gamertag/console before I move over to XB1/ps4 exclusively

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The Last of Us... I borrowed the game from a family member and started right before the midnight ... happy New Years!

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2013: Battlefield 4

2014: about an hour ago I got home a tried playing Path of Exile before realizing it would be a poor decision.

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Last game of 2013: The Legend of Zelda

First game of 2014: The Legend of Zelda

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2013: Spelunky on the VITA. I gave the key to the tunnel guy so I can start on level 13 now!

Haven't played anything in 2014 yet, but it'll likely be AC4 or Skylanders Swap Force since I'm in the middle of both right now.

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@bigjeffrey: Yes. Yes it is. FeMC route is my favourite.

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The last thing I played yesterday was the Stanley Parable, and I'm likely playing more of that today. Either that or Shadow Warrior methinks.

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Dark Souls

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

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I'm playing Spelunky right now, and I will probably still be playing Spelunky in thirty minutes when it hits midnight here.

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I just bought Killer Instinct Ultra yesterday, so there's that.

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Was playing Earthworm Jim 1 and now Im playing Ultima 1, great way to start the new year.