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#51 Edited by noizy (876 posts) -

Civ 5 and XCOM more recently are probably strong contenders, but I think the most memorable sleep related gaming moment was when I was playing Minecraft on a server, digging a bunker underground with my quarry and pneumatic tube system for what must have been an hour or two. I climbed up to the surface at night and went around chopping trees when the sun started rising; the light on the screen blasting me in the face felt like I had just partied all night and was watching the sun rise, it felt really strange/bad. It was probably only around 3am in reality, but it felt like 7.

#52 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5547 posts) -

Skyrim was the last one. I played that for 24 hours straight and forced myself to get some sleep.

Good thing that game was released on a Friday.

#53 Posted by MikeFerrari7 (274 posts) -

My friend and I used to play Monster Hunter for the PS2 all night in high school on the weekends. Those were some long phone calls, and some of the most epic gaming ever. Sometimes I'd play so much I'd dream I was still playing, which is not as awesome as you'd think.

#54 Posted by knifeoframbo (44 posts) -

Outlast, because I played it in the dark with headphones and I couldn't sleep after

#55 Posted by Milkman (18306 posts) -

I'm usually good about getting my ass off the couch and in bed (not necessarily to sleep) at a reasonable time. Usually only multiplayer console games cause me to really lose sleep. I definitely had some 4 AM Horde sessions in Gears of War 3.

The games that really get dangerous are the ones I can play IN bed. I have fallen asleep multiple times mid Hearthstone session. In general, though, I'm not a very good sleeper.

#56 Posted by Sinusoidal (2548 posts) -

I finally got around to Assassin's Creed 2 a couple weeks back. I collected everything in the game in five days, only using a guide for the feathers, which, had I tried to find them on my own, would have easily doubled the fifty hours I spent on the game. My last week of vacation well spent! Even my wife was entertained because we've been to Florence and Venice.

#57 Posted by miko1222 (238 posts) -

MGS2 Sons of Liberty. I think I stayed up 2-3 AM playing that game.

#58 Posted by Mercer (211 posts) -

Must have been Skyrim, there's always one more cave or one more compass marker to chase after XD

#59 Posted by Karmosin (246 posts) -

most recently it's legend of heroes: trails in the sky. Such a great game.

#60 Posted by gerrid (410 posts) -

Football manager :{

Suddenly it's 4am and you haven't eaten or been to the bathroom for 18 hours

#61 Posted by Tyrrael (355 posts) -

Lightning Returns: FFXIII. All I can think about is how much I want to finish that game so I never have to play it again. Also, I hate leaving games unfinished, so I want to finish it as quickly as possible so I can start playing something else. It's one of the very few instances where I used a guide after a very short amount of gameplay, so I didn't go crazy from being constantly frustrated with the overwhelmingly tedious structure of this game.

#62 Posted by TobbRobb (5334 posts) -

Damn, I do this too often to know for sure. I think it was Disgaea.


#63 Posted by Wolfgame (1045 posts) -

Most recently it was probably Kara no Shoujo , I don't play many visual novels, but I found it to be pretty gripping, I didn't start sleeping well again until I finally hit the true ending, that's how you know a story is good, the bad endings keep ya moving to find resolution.

#64 Posted by Fattony12000 (8013 posts) -

Extra Life 2013

#65 Posted by TheMasterDS (2611 posts) -

Titanfall Beta.

#66 Posted by hollitz (2117 posts) -

Persona 4 Golden. It was my first playthrough of the game and I could not put it down. Slept like 3 hours a night one week.

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The last game was probably The Last of Us. There are only a few games or games from certain developers that I would this for. I pulled all nighters for the entire Uncharted franchise and The Last of Us. Not much else to be honest.

#68 Posted by gaminghooligan (1756 posts) -

Crusader Kings 2. Every night: just one more year and I'll save and sleep.

#69 Posted by Superkenon (1583 posts) -

Huh. Come to think of it, I guess never? I suppose I've always been meticulous about my schedule.

No wait, actually, there was this one time I stayed up 'til the middle of the night playing Final Fantasy 4 with a friend. It was surreal and dream-like.

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Cave Story. I decided to play it again and once I got some momentum, I couldn't stop till around 3am.

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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, specifically Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD. Decided to farm all the synthesis materials I would need to create everything in the shop, to the point that I refrained from actually "beating" the game until I did so (minus Sephiroth, went to bed at about three in the morning and beat him when I woke up)

I'm usually in bed by 11 or twelve, up until my overnight job started at least. I also noticed a habit, it seems I only stay up later than usual playing a game when I know I'm really close to beating it, so I fight through mild tiredness and finish the game before turning in for the night.

#72 Posted by OptimalPower (132 posts) -

Rune Factory 4 and soon to be Earth Defense Force 2025

#73 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5032 posts) -

If I play a puzzle game relatively late, my brain will be running through it while I lie in bed trying to sleep. When I was pretty deep into Starcraft II online I'd close my eyes just to see mutalisks and hive queens, too.

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I was playing The Last of Us non stop untill it was finished, goddamn that game is good. People like to hate on GTAV but it was fun as hell to play trough,

Lost sleep on both of em' ,But i slept like a baby the next day.

#75 Edited by MarkWahlberg (4714 posts) -

I played Knights of the Old Republic over the course of 2, maybe 3 days straight a few summers ago. It was... strangely fulfilling. And I didn't even like it that much.

#76 Posted by climax (142 posts) -


Just one more game...

#77 Posted by project343 (2886 posts) -

Lumines. It was like a drug that wouldn't leave me alone.

#78 Posted by Djeuve (9 posts) -

Back in the day, it was Dofus for me.... good lord, I could have been employed and looking for jobs instead of getting sucked into that one for months on end. Did my best to avoid MMOs ever since (nice try, League of Angels...)

More recently though, like many of you, probably Crusader Kings II... just... one...... more..... plot.....

Good times. Not so good sleep...

#79 Posted by NMC2008 (1248 posts) -

Dragon's Crown.

#80 Posted by SingingMenstrual (335 posts) -

Stick of Truth. A massive (massive) South Park lover, a big Obsidian fan, I put 14.5 hours into the game in less than 48 hours and finished it. I did literally everything in the game.

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I'll probably lose a lot of sleep over SimCity tonight.

#82 Posted by Mijati (1051 posts) -

Ignoring staying up 30 minutes/an hour later to play something for example then it'd probably be Football Manager. Got really into it for one week and stayed up until 2am several nights in a row (having to be up at 5am the next morning for work...). Last unplanned all nighter was the original Dark Souls. Played from about 6pm until 11am when I finished the game (not from the start) which was 14 months ago now.

#83 Edited by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I guess it would have been when Skyrim came out. I was in school, so naturally I could skip a few days to play the game. It unlocked on Steam at midnight so I ended up playing all night.

#84 Posted by Chop (2010 posts) -

Happens to me on a semi regularly basis with Civ V

#85 Edited by QuaglarTheIV (90 posts) -

Minecraft and Terraria have cut into many of my nights. Just trying to get enough materials to get a new thing, then when I get that new thing I need to try it out, but oh, look I have all these other materials now... I should put them in a chest, but I don't want my roommate to "accidentally" take them, better build a new wing on the house!

I had a couple marathon sessions of The Last of Us, and since I was playing on hard I would usually call it a night once I was too tired and drunk to play right. I was amazed how easily I would get through that section the next day.

While helping my friend get through Dark Souls we played for about 6-8 hours, not realizing it was 4 AM until he closed out of the game and we saw the time on his desktop. We were shocked!

#86 Posted by Crembaw (894 posts) -

I lose sleep pretty regularly over 3DS games, since I keep it by my bedside and don't travel much. I know it's unhealthy and not good sleep hygiene, but I can't stop picking up the damn thing.

#87 Posted by endoworks (336 posts) -

Civilization every time I play it... I might have just figured out the rest of my night :)

#88 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

I guess I'd say Lightning Returns. Not because I was up all night playing it, but there have been times where I'd play right up until I go to bed, but the game is so fun and is so active in my mind that it makes it hard to actually get to sleep once I'm in bed.

The last game I played stupidly late into the night and lost a lot of sleep over was probably Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII. Just one more turn. ONE MORE TURN.

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On breaks and weekends, I usually stay up until 1AM, but I pulled out a little more than an extra hour to finish off Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow. It was this past Friday morning at 2AM when I finished it.

The last game that I really lost sleep over was Torchlight 2, way back in 2012. My brother and I played it over Christmas break for three and four hour sessions late into the night. We stopped at 4AM a couple of times and that was because one of us usually had to drag himself away from the screen. It's the only loot game that I ever really got into.

Otherwise I don't often stay awake past 1AM, and almost never past 2.

#90 Posted by SexualBubblegumX (551 posts) -

MechWarrior Online. Because nostalgia is helluva drug.

#91 Edited by JYoung (190 posts) -

FEZ gave me a proper ass-kicking for whole week; I think I fell asleep with my notes next to me.

#92 Posted by Glottery (1650 posts) -

Except for when Diablo 3 got released, I can't really afford doing any of that with my current studies and other business. I sure would love to sometimes.

That being said, it sure has happened in the past, WoW being the most extreme example. Fortunately I've always been good at waking up early, no matter how long I stayed up. I did feel like a zombie and probably look like one as well, but at least I was at school!

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The last game that I lost sleep to has to be Guild Wars 2, I got in a good groove where I was leveling, advancing the story, and kept winning battle after battle. Before I knew it it was almost time to wake up.

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With South Park: The Stick of Truth I found myself going to sleep later than usual.

But the one game that made me loose some serious sleeping time was the Mass Effect 3 DLC: Citadel. I couldn't put it down until I completed the party, after which I noticed it was 4 AM...

#95 Posted by hermes (1833 posts) -

With South Park: The Stick of Truth I found myself going to sleep later than usual.

But the one game that made me loose some serious sleeping time was the Mass Effect 3 DLC: Citadel. I couldn't put it down until I completed the party, after which I noticed it was 4 AM...

#96 Posted by jamesyfx (75 posts) -

I can't say I've ever lost sleep due to a game.. however when I was younger I was playing Ocarina of Time in the morning before school and I got to an unskippable cutscene.. and I just decided that this was more important than switching off and going to school. So I stayed home and played it all day.

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Thanks to a GBA SP that showed up in the mail, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has me loosing all sorts of sleep (and missing the occasional train stop).

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FFTA needs to come out on virtual console gorramit

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