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This little rant was triggered by a trailer for Risen 3 which is getting a PC/360/PS3 release in August. I would absolutely buy it for either my Xbox1 or my PS4 - even if it was only a uprezzed port of the 360/PS3 version (or downrezzed port of the PC!) - and I'm only slightly interested in the game.

With the increasing user base for the new systems, as well as the lack of competition in the games department right now - I would think that everything from AAA to B tier titles could do very well on the new hardware. New hardware owners have money and are starving for content.

Obviously new versions of higher end games from last year are being ported over (Last of Us, GTA5) or have already been ported over (FF14) however I think that those companies putting out new content this summer and fall on only last gen systems are missing a real opportunity. In this time of very limited releases, even traditionally niche games could garner more than typical interest and have a longer than normal tail.

I realize putting stuff out on the new systems isn't easy or cheap. I am surprised Microsoft and Sony have not done a better job incentivizing developers into making the leap - even the stutter-step of releasing on both generations. They could assist in helping outsource the port process. They could lower the system holders cut for the next gen versions. Whatever.....they are smarter than I am - they could come up with something.

I would love to have played the new EDF 2025 without frame rate issues. Dark Souls 2 running silky smooth at high framerate on PC makes me one jealous dude. I bought Bound By Flame day one - something I certainly wouldn't have done if it had been a last gen game - this in spite of very mixed reviews. I'm embarrassed about how likely I am to buy just about anything that comes available digitally for the new systems.

Come on game publishers. I want to buy. Sell to me. End Rant. *Please note that in keeping with my screen name I have tried to keep this calm ;)

Does anyone else have games you are disappointed are not available or not going to be available on what is now Current Gen? Any ideas as to what would help make publishers release on both generations? Maybe my logic is flawed, I'm not in the Games Industry - I'm just a consumer - any education would be appreciated.

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Yeah, it'd sure be nice. Hopefully this trend will end soon. Or I'll have the money for a high end PC. That would be nice too.

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Dev cycles are long, and if you are in the last 1/5th of development like the Persona team with 5 then it's too late to start work on a Current Gen version. It also takes a while to learn a new devkit and what the strengths and weaknesses of a console are.

Both Microsoft and Sony have done a great job of incentivizing but games take time to make and I'd rather have a bunch of great games come out this fall and in 2015 than have a bunch of absolute garbage at launch (though there was no shortage of that).

The drought ends with the Destiny beta.

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I'd rather keep the half-arsed ports to a minimum. Next-gen games on next-gen systems. Let's not have years of games with split-gen weirdness that plagued the Tony Hawk series. I bought my PS4 recently knowing fully well that there would be little to play on it. But I've played everything designed from the ground-up for those systems. Honestly, it's not exactly a smart purchasing decision to get in on the ground floor on any console generation.

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I kind of agree with both sides of this - I want games for my new console... but at the same time - they should be good, or great even. That being said, I feel for the OP & I would probably buy almost anything they put out for it right now. I'm actually surprised that microsoft & sony haven't pushed for a higher volume of releases (even if they were small games or ports) there is basically just nothing out there right now for both the Xbox One & the PS4.

and looking at new releases in the next two months... basically nothing until september.

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I think the main reason that some games are still being released only on last gen consoles is simply that those games began development before the developers' technology (SDKs, engines, tools, etc.) needed for now-current gen games was fully ready to go. Now that most developers with the money to do so should have deployed development technology for the current gen, I would expect very few games to begin development now with the goal of only releasing on last gen systems. The exception might be a some lower budget games from companies that can't yet afford the engineering effort to deploy all new tech and so need to wring a couple more games out of their old tech first. Risen 3, for instance, is being made by Piranha Bytes, a small German company with only 20 employees as of last year.

There's also the speculative/cynical/conspiratorial throey that some publishers are betting that they can provoke a meaningful number of customers into double-dipping by releasing their game on last gen systems, then after about a year, releasing the same game again on current gen systems with some graphics upgrades and maybe bundled in DLC. For example, I suspect this is what Bandai Namco is doing with Dark Souls 2 even though nothing is yet announced. FromSoft said they built the Dark Souls 2 engine specifically for the current gen hardware. I expect they'll announce a PS4/Xbone version of the game to be released next year and it'll have the upcoming DLC episodes packaged in.

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@savage: But Bloodborne comes out early next year so who would play it? Other than diehard Dark Souls fans who for some reason went with the system that is not getting a new Souls game.

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@corruptedevil: This is all just guessing at this point, but I think it's likely that Dark Souls 2 would come out early in the year and Bloodborne wouldn't make it out until later in the year. A six-month gap between the two wouldn't be a problem, especially as Bloodborne seems to be being positioned as not just another Souls-forumla game, but potentially a new franchise in its own right.

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@savage said:

@corruptedevil: This is all just guessing at this point, but I think it's likely that Dark Souls 2 would come out early in the year and Bloodborne wouldn't make it out until later in the year. A six-month gap between the two wouldn't be a problem, especially as Bloodborne seems to be being positioned as not just another Souls-forumla game, but potentially a new franchise in its own right.

PSN has Bloodborne listed as March 31st 2015 which is probably a place holder but at least gives an idea of what they are aiming for. From what I've seen the main deviation from the Souls games is in the more gothic style and the focus on dual wielding, there's still souls that you collect from enemies and then when you die you have to pick them up again, and it's still hard as nails.

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Risen is a game you want to play on PC. The first one on 360 is a freaking crime against humanity. I doubt this will be much better.

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Want to play last-gen games, keep the last-gen console plugged in.

I gotta move the PS2 over to the working television at some point, because I'm in the mood to play PS2. That's how it works.

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These games have been in development for a while and no one expected these consoles to sell nearly as many unit this soon. When these decisions were being made, it didn't make sense to allocate resources to new systems that most people probably assumed would have install bases of 2-3 million apiece. Especially for developers like Pirahna Bytes that are only a couple dozen people making fairly low budget games.

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Some games just aren't ready for next gen. And releasing a last gen game on next gen machines is just begging for poor reviews and snooty forum commenters to lament the graphics and frame rate.

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I bought Crysis 3 on 360 and never played it because I knew the PC version was so much better (although I loved Crysis 2 on 360).

Witcher 2 and Lords of Shadow 2 would be nice to have on PS4, as well. Oh, and Saints Row IV because its frame rate was terrible.

Say what you will, but the new systems don't have large libraries and these are good ways to give people the chance to try games they may have skipped last time around.

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160 million units. That's why. Give it another year or so.

There are a lot of last gen only games coming out that I would love to play on my PS4 or PC. Oh well. Growing pains of a new generation, I suppose.