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Just wanted to hear from everyone about moments recently that have made you laugh uncontrollably at a game. Whether it be odd dialogue or genuinely funny writing or glitches or whatever.

For instance, this happened today while I was playing Final Fantasy Tactics for the first time and I laughed for 10 minutes like an idiot just because of the way I read it and had to double-take.

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I posted this yesterday in a thread that got deleted:

Wolfenstein (2009): Re: a kidnapping; "The Nazis have gone too far this time!". I'm still catching myself giggling at that.

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I laughed for like, 5 minutes straight when I caught Xerneas (the big fancy legendary pokemon) with a single quick ball on the first turn of combat in Pokemon X the other day. He was so played up, the situation in game was so dire and serious, he emerges to battle me, and then.... I toss a ball at him and it's over. Talk about your one pump chump.

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I can't remember the last time a game made me laugh because ever since I became a university student I play games occasionally and just for some action, without immersing myself or paying too much attention to the dialogue and story, like I used before.

I'd give anything to be 18 again and just drown in games and laugh and cry.... ;p

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"Miss" Yasogami High Beauty Pagent

Absolutely brilliant.

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When I stuck a bucket on the head of a shopkeeper in Skyrim and stole everything in sight. So dumb, but so funny for some reason.

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The ending of GTA III. Hilarious & perfect at the same time.

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Not sure if it counts but on today's Binding of Patrick: When he used the bean for the first time and his reaction to it was great.

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The "I'll be in the wine cellar" moment in Jazzpunk still makes me chuckle just thinking about it.

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When "I need a hero" starts playing in saints row 3. I lost it.

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In Revengeance, Raiden walks through town disguised with a sombrero. Then dumb things happen. It was amazing.

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Not sure if it counts but on today's Binding of Patrick: When he used the bean for the first time and his reaction to it was great.

I laughed at the same point.

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The most memorable has to be the opera singing poo monster from Conkers BFD. I absolutely loved that boss.

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I'm not really one to laugh out loud at even the things I find the most funny, but I chuckled at almost every line GladOS delivered in Portal 2. Some of the best scathingly sarcastic cleverness not just in games, but in anything.

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Does this count?