#151 Posted by zolloz89 (248 posts) -

Hasn't this guy been on the 'violent video games are bad' crusade long enough to just give up already. Then again good ol' Jack is still on the train despite being disbarred...

#152 Posted by m0rdr3d (474 posts) -
@Icicle7x3 said:


"Unlike Saturday morning cartoons, these video games expose kids to behavior that is not acceptable in reality."



Yeah, this case is in good hands.  Hopefully he continues as the moron selected to pursue it. 
This guy can go get felt-up by the TSA.
#153 Posted by tourgen (4427 posts) -

Oh good for him he gets to stand up in front of everybody and act concerned for the children. Good for him. Keep electing this guy California. Idiots.

#154 Posted by AndrewB (7491 posts) -

There are games that children shouldn't be exposed to, absolutely, but that's up to a little thing called controlled parenting. My children will be under the terms of my own, and yes, they will totally find ways around it, but they won't be state or federally mandated, just like any other form of media and artistic expression.

#155 Posted by Czarpyotr (277 posts) -

FUCK YOU. But really. FUCK YOU. Get a life you uneducated prick.

#156 Posted by lockwoodx (2479 posts) -

Violent video games have made me as violent as violent cartoons.

#157 Posted by Demoskinos (14562 posts) -

Protected our children  from  Alcohol and cigarettes?  Really?  Unless something has changed in the last  7 years since I've been out of high school  kids got busted left and right at school for having smokes and  using alcohol 

#158 Posted by Czarpyotr (277 posts) -

But really, I can't even read this without getting pissed off.

#159 Posted by dream431ca (169 posts) -

This guy needs to wake up. If you want to criticize video games, you also have to criticize every other medium of entertainment (movies, books, music etc...). You can't single out video games because parents let their under age kids play Mortal Kombat or Call of Duty and you can't single them out for being an interactive medium.

#160 Posted by lead_farmer (1040 posts) -

As a resident of California, I ask that you stop wasting money Mr Yee. Ya turd.

#161 Posted by Mumrik (1076 posts) -

This guy is doing truly amazing stuff with your money :-/
Is this really a big enough thing that he can keep getting reelected on it, or is it just a little pet side project of his?

#162 Posted by UncleBenny (422 posts) -

you have the crackpots, and then the crackpot law makers. still, this is great as this is another step towards legitimizing video games as a form of entertainment. in 20 years we are going to see articles about the sordid affairs of game developers and their various crack/clubbing/prostitution affairs.

#163 Posted by BadOrcLDR (178 posts) -

UP NEXT: Yee will propose a bill that makes risque clothing illegal, 'cause y'know... that's how women get raped.

#164 Posted by Maotou (71 posts) -
@DEMONOLOGY_24 said:
kids are always going to be drawn to violent things it's there parents job to help filter NOT! the supreme court
 That it is my friend. If a child is found or allowed to play a M or T rated game, then it's the parents fault for not regulating what games there child plays and limiting them on how long they play.
#165 Posted by gogobomb (63 posts) -

wow. just wow. thats all i have to say.

#166 Posted by blaakmawf (543 posts) -

What a load of horseshit. Parents should keep an eye on what their kids are doing, not rely on the government to do it for them.

#167 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5250 posts) -

Just know that man hates fun.

#168 Posted by vinsanityv22 (1064 posts) -

That's a whole lot of people determined to waste more time and money trying to paint out video games as being bad for children. Effin' morons, jesus christ. Why don't they go and play a couple games, or follow the industry for a bit. When M rated titles are selling MILLIONS of copies every day, and yet millions of children don't go out and murder people, your arguments are pretty effin' screwed. Dumbasses. 
Politicians really need to learn to stay the eff away from stuff they don't understand, nor want to understand. 
At least the Supreme Court is pretty kickass about all this:)

#169 Posted by Chris2KLee (2328 posts) -

I kinda feel sorry for the guy, he's like a dinosaur that doesn't realize it's over. His political career was basically hooked to this wagon of anti-videogame gibberish, and now he's probably done. Like Patrick said, it would take a long time to get another challenge together, and by then support would be even less with a generation of videogame players growing up and wanting nothing to do with Mr.Yee's dated theories.

#170 Posted by PrioritySeven (322 posts) -

Nothing else going on in California that a State Senator could be working on?

#171 Posted by 014 (347 posts) -

If you're underage and want to get your hands on weed, alcohol, or porn, is it hard? No. Adding another thing to enforce weakens the total coverage.

#172 Posted by Fire_Marshall_Bill (126 posts) -

Where oh where has parental responsibility gone in this country.  Have morons like this forgotten that most parents inthis country have the ability to say no to something that they feel their OWN children should not be exposed to.  
The government is not supposed to intervene in situations like this.  It what the country was founded upon.  We escaped from kings and tyrants so that we as individuals could make our own choices.

#173 Posted by Radar (887 posts) -

I love how he says the courts sided with Walmart in the decision. Walmart will refuse you a game if you're underage, along with every other retailer out there.

#174 Posted by cookiearmyleader (20 posts) -

blame the world for something parents do right out in the open even after being told that the game is not for kids in fact at my gamestop i seen that happen multipule times the parent just doesint care what the gamestop guy has to say and mindlessly shows there id for there kid to own the game thank god this law didint pass because kids would have found a way anyways like having there parent go there alone and buy it

#175 Posted by TheUnsavedHero (1255 posts) -

When will this end? My mother paid attention to the ratings on games. You don't need a law, just parents who actually give a shit about what their kids are doing.

#176 Posted by AriesDog (36 posts) -

California residents, if your representative so poorly understands first amendment issues please vote him out of office. If you're Republican, easy enough, he was on the other side any way. If you're Democrate, please be active in the primaries. Just get him out.

#177 Posted by YukoAsho (2001 posts) -

*Shrugs* Yee's just butt-hurt, that's all.  Even if he manages to get Alito on his side, the best he can hope for is a 6-3 defeat.  Not only that, but California's broke, and the new Governor probably doesn't wanna put the state into yet another multi-million dollar hole (rest assured the EMA is going to go after all those lawyer fees, putting Cali even more in debt).  Safe to say, Yee is done.

#178 Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God (300 posts) -

"Unlike Saturday morning cartoons, these video games expose kids to behavior that is not acceptable in reality"

What? I'm pretty sure I've seen plenty of stuff in cartoons that was wholly outside the realm of acceptable behavior.

#179 Posted by TheOcarinaHero (2 posts) -

Who cares about our rights as Americans when we could save the children by imposing bills created by mentally retarded politicians. Seriously, social "correction" is not any governments job. It's our job. as society, to reform when necesarry. By the way its not necessary.
#180 Posted by Godzilla_Sushi (1084 posts) -

Lets not forget this state passes a bogus budget just so everyone in congress can try to be paid and the unions get ridiculous pensions, but there is always time for pursuing more laws. More regulation. This state is totally busted and nobody votes them out under any reason. This guy made it his point to regulate media, ugh. California continues to poison itself from the inside and turns a blind eye.

How about introducing the 401K concept to Federal employees or stop kids from having kids! Grrrr.....video games, of all the things to be concerned about!

I'm just glad that it was found unconstitutional. Even if I have a hard time seeing this guy having any real understanding of what he was trying to accomplish. Lets not forget, the stigma for a gamer being under 14 is still prevalent. What a frustrating waste of time chasing the end of a rainbow....

#181 Posted by Kyle (2323 posts) -

Oh, Leland. Oh, Leland.... Siiiigh....

#182 Posted by JasonR86 (9608 posts) -

"Unlike Saturday morning cartoons, these video games expose kids to behavior that is not acceptable in reality."

  Yep, children, you're now officially allowed to shoot talking ducks.
#183 Posted by Luthorcrow (191 posts) -

Leland Yee just lost my vote for mayor. Nancy Pelosi is my rep so I can wash my hands of this fool.

We need to make sure this twit doesn't get elected again.

#184 Posted by Kordesh (211 posts) -

"What has happened today is that the U.S. Supreme Court has decided it's going to side with corporate America and Wal-Mart against our children," 
Master of bullshit and spin. I am more inspired to violence by the sheer ignorance and audacity of this moron than any video game could impress upon me.

#185 Posted by ninjadude853 (44 posts) -

Alright, if this guy is so determined to protect children, then why isn't he attacking more tangible threats? Like, oh i don't know, abusive families, underage prostitution, drugs, gangs, pedophiliac sex offenders... Y'know, real problems?

#186 Edited by PATJASA (78 posts) -

 Guess they should find evidence of politic exposure to children is harmful too. Bunch of pretencious motherfucking lying bastards targeting games, this is just fucking mindless considering there are tons of things they should worry about.

#187 Posted by MadExponent (305 posts) -

To the doctor that says video games contribute to violence by displaying violence: Will violent behavior end when violent video games are gone? Fool.

#188 Posted by happyfatman (149 posts) -

The government should not be the one to tell people what they can and cannot do, no matter how old or young the people may be, and no matter the situation.  First of all, parents should make sure they know the kind of games their kids are playing, and if they have an issue with them, they should explain to their kids why they object to such games.  The fact that such a law was even created is a major part of the problem facing America as a whole today:  a lot of times when people see something they don't like, their immediate response is to demand that said thing be outlawed.  This leads only to less freedom and more government control.  We should still allow these things, but explain why one would feel they should be avoided, and then allow people to make their own decisions.

#189 Posted by TheChaos (1158 posts) -

I'd like to have him assassinated, but that might prove his point.

#190 Posted by ShadowofIntent (288 posts) -

What a noob.

#191 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1389 posts) -

Why are Yee so crazy, Leland? 
...My god that was bad. *Walks away with his head held down in shame*
#192 Posted by arioch25 (2 posts) -

Interesting. I'm curious to see what Yee will do in the next decade or so.

#193 Posted by weavminas (83 posts) -

15 Brad bucks say that that man gets no votes from Whiskey employees come election time.

#194 Posted by Phoenix778m (238 posts) -

If we don't learn from history channel? We are doomed to repeat history channel.

#195 Posted by Pheonix158 (8 posts) -

What a dutch. Bet his parents wouldnt let him play games as a kid.

#196 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2376 posts) -

You know, there are so many people more unaffected than affected by violent media. There are other issues we should worry about right now, this one isn't much of an issue in the first place.

#197 Posted by Darkstorn (463 posts) -

He may have good intentions, but a violation of the 1st amendment should never be in the cards. And for the record, Yee isn't going to win the mayoral race. He's not particularly popular in San Fran.

#198 Edited by darkdragonsoul99 (137 posts) -

I wonder what this guy thinks about sports like wrestling and  football. Real life violence some parents even force their children into. 

#199 Posted by Ragdrazi (2283 posts) -

What a bitch.

#200 Posted by GNitro (11 posts) -

Leland Yee: "Parents shouldn't have to actually parent, so we will look for a new way to do their job for them".