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I had a long response typed out, but I deleted it in favor of this. Fuck Leland Yee. Fuck him right in his stupid ass.

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Be right back guys, burning all my books. What if the neighbor kids snook in and read Ulysses or something, we'd all be dead.

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hehe trying to ban videogames and running for mayor in san francisco, that's kinda funny.

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If San Francisco elects this idiot (Yee) for mayor, then the city might as well declares itself a communist state, and they can call him Chairman Yee for I don't care.

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There should be a law against people using children for personal gain..... oh wait....

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@ShadowofIntent said:

What a noob.
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I'll just leave this here.

One of the funniest pictures I've seen in a while (via RPS).
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"Unlike Saturday morning cartoons, these video games expose kids to behavior that is not acceptable in reality."

Jesus wept, has this dude never seen a Looney Toons cartoon or an episode of Tom and Jerry? The state actively funds the killing of the nation's enemies, such as in CoD or, say, Alpha Protocol- it does not fund the smashing of ducks with hilariously oversized mallets nor the dropping of 16 ton weights on cats.

If anything the complete opposite of what this man has said is true. War is acceptable in reality - blowing up coyotes with 500lbs of dynamite... not so much.

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When did Democrats become such sticks-in-the-mud?  Between Yee and Vice President Joe Biden's pro-RIAA, anti-net neutrality, anti-file sharing, anti-encryption technology, pro-government spying on citizens without due process stances, you'd think electronic freedom was a scourge worse than unemployment, unaffordable health care, an inferior public education system and the deteriorating national infrastructure.  Whatever happened to free love democrats?

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I know it has been said time and time again, but man, fuck that guy.

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@MB said:

I had a long response typed out, but I deleted it in favor of this. Fuck Leland Yee. Fuck him right in his stupid ass.

Concise, elegant and above all,concise.

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"Unlike Saturday morning cartoons, these video games expose kids to behavior that is not acceptable in reality."

Wow. What is this, The Onion?

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This issue is why young people should start voting in greater numbers! When you dont people like Lelan Yee get into office and make stupid laws you have to abide by.
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Might I say what an excellent choice of headline image you chose!

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Man, they keep going on about the harmful effect on children but decades of research do not support this, but these prudish idiots just refuse to acknowledge the evideonce. That aside, what about the positive effects? Thanks to games like Rome total war and Civ I know alot more about history and geography than I ever learned in school. On a par with alcohol and cigarettes...give me a fucking break.

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He's the annoying busybody neighbor who, somehow, got elected into public office.

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Video Games apparently also prohibit the ability to vote, because seems to me there quite a few gaming related companies in the bay area, yet you have this guy representing you.

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How about just be a better parent? Parents are the one to blame, not Corporate America.

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Halo is hardcore porn? LOL leland, you kill me. What is funny is that violent movies and shows are fine, but GODDAMN the videogames!

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I don't know, if it wasn't for Yee, we wouldn't be able to set precidents that keeps more of this shit from happening. I totally disagree with him, but it's kinda nice he's around so we can immunize ourselves against future legislation of this ilk.

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Leland Yee, how about parents doing some actual parenting? And tell them to do so more harshly if they do not. The state is not a parent.

Make love, not war!

(Implies more nudity which turn implies fewer available hands on weapons...)

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That's right, take credit for an entire industry rigidly adhering to a voluntary rating system. This is just so much posturing, trying to save face in the light of obvious failure. Unfortunately, comments like that are going to make people say "See! We are making things better!", when it's the industry, not the detractors, who are doing all the real work. Ah well, no use arguing with people who refuse to listen. I somehow doubt you could change this mains mind with irrefutable proof, he'd just plug his ears and go "la-la-la-la-la".

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@Prodstep: I certainly loves me some poison.

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Yeah that picture caused a huge chuckle and big grin. It's like a hairy Jim Carrey giving the result a thumbs up in the background. YEAH!!!
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It's kind of funny how the onset of increasingly violent video games since the early 90s has actually been accompanied by a constant and significant decrease in violent crimes.  Not to say these variables are directly related, but just sayin...it's kind of funny...Leland.
I love when people try to increase regulation in an attempt to replace parental negligence.  If you don't think you can teach your children the difference between reality and fiction, just don't let them consume violent material.  Even if you have a pretty good grasp on teaching respect, I still think a parent should still limit the consumption of violent media based on a child's age and maturity.  Though, it is not a few parents' duties nor their right to enforce a law upon everyone else based on their incompetence or choice of parenting style.
I don't think this law would negatively affect parenting nor would it really violate First Amendment Rights, since parents would still be able to buy the games for their children, if they are okay with them playing such games (which they already have the right to decide).  My qualms are based on the informal limitations that these regulations would put on developers/publishers, which would ultimately limit the creative freedom in the entire industry.  This limitation just because a few self-righteous lazy parents were whiny enough.

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Why does Yee insist on revising the bill for another go at it?  Waste of time, waste of money, all in search of legislation that I find hard to believe a majority of the public would actually agree with. 

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@RagingLion said:
I'll just leave this here.
One of the funniest pictures I've seen in a while (via RPS).
quote for posterity.  :D
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Crazyy politicians..
Most people who play tons of videogames aren't the ones who commit crimes and stuff.. Illogical correlation between 2 unrelated things. Typical BS...

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You know, if his case was presented after DNF's release...

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And thus the tradition of making America's Government figures look completely idiotic and ignorant continues. Leland Yee, you just need to know when to fold 'em. You're giving Democrats like me a bad name.

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There's something seriously wrong with the world when Supreme Court Republicans have to protect freedom of speech from California Democrats.
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Because it's not important that the people whose only job is to think about this stuff decided you were wrong. It's important that you get a complete and total ban on all games, forever, by any means necessary.

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Isn't Leland Yee the guy who starts the company that hires Burke to steal the Alien? He's up to something.

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Been playing video games of all sorts all my life and have yet to go on a bloody rampage. I get urges of course and recently imagined a lengthy campaign of terror culminating in the brutal torture and murder of a member of the Torfaen licensing department. But I did not. That's because I know what's real and what is not, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Making a grotesque fat swine eat his own testicles then beating him to death with his severed foot would be wrong (no matter how justified)  And the simple fact that's a shit load of dead body to dispose of...
I bet soon some dick in the UK is going to start up this sort of campaign. 
The joke will be on him or her though... our youth is already fucked. Hah

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@Slaker117 said:

You know, if his case was presented after DNF's release...

Unfortunately I don't think that Duke carries the amount of clout that he used to, where they could use it effectively.

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I still get carded at Wal-Mart when I want to buy an M rated game and I am almost 30.

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Video games do not promote violence and we should kill Leland Yee with fire for suggesting they do! : P
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Who voted for this dude? Oh yea, he's from the liberal shit hole known as California.

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10 bucks says this mo-fo's kid is addicted to gaming.... 
I've definitely seen this somewhere....

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Oh cool, he's framing this as one group I hate against another. Thanks dude.