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We're all quick to moan and create threads when there's a lack of content around these parts (myself included) so I thought it'd only be right to praise GB when they give us a whole heap of it. So let's give it up for a great week packed with excellent content, thanks a lot guys for all the work!

Look at all this content, LOOK AT IT! (no seriously look at it, this'll show the higher ups that we do in fact digest all this good content.)

Good job GB, good job.

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Yeah it was a pretty awesome week, I still have several things to watch...LOVE DAT CONTENT

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Was the Bombcast this week the longest regular season Bombcast recorded to date?

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I agree--and this delicious flood of content is still really quality. The Cry of Fear QL was amazing, and this week's Bombcast is just superb.

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and the weeks not even over yet!

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I don't wanna be 'that guy' but Giant Bomb is two words, not one =)

It was a really good week for content though, there's nothing better than seeing all five slots of the COMING SOON thing filled up.

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I want to take a bath in that content.

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Its been really cool to see Rorie active on the boards too. :)

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That cry of fear QL was the shit. And +1 to Rorie being on the boards being awesome.

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Hells yes. This is some grade A content right heeyah.

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@razielcuts: Wow, I still haven't even hit 8 of the videos released this week.

All this content is fantastic, but it would be cool if their front page would update with the newest content. I didn't even know most of these were released.

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@jukezypoo: Yeah, let's not overlook Rorie being active like a mother with user interaction!

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No, we're not all quick to moan at times when content is light. Some of us are pretty understanding of the fact that it will happen now and then. Good on you for creating a positive thread if you've called them out in the past.

And yeah, this has been a great week. The Cry of Fear quick look alone would have made it so, much less all the other content we got.

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This week has been a banner week for Giant Bomb. Here's to more like them.

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@jukezypoo: Yeah, let's not overlook Rorie being active like a mother with user interaction!

He was always very active on Screened's boards as well. That was part of why I was so excited when he was hired.

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@rorie is a man of the people. And for that, among other things, he has my respect. Also, he's the only guy in the crew that reads questions from the chat like a champ. Sorry, @brad, but you kind of suck at it.

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I try my best! I've always liked being on forums, so it's not really a chore for me to be bouncing around on here. Just try to get back to people and contribute where I can.

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Absolutely! This week has been amazing. Who else actually consumed all of the content? I know I did. Plus a good blog post from @rorie.

Keep up the great work Giant Bomb crew! We all really appreciate the hard work!

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I completely support what's happening this week. It's more than I can keep up with, but that ain't a bad thing.

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It's been a great week for content!

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well we are fast approaching to the 5 year anniversary of giantbomb!!!!

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Yes it's been a pretty awesome week and a great return for Encyclopedia Bombastica, hope to see more of that in the way of video content. There was no Guns of Navarro early this week however which made me a bit sad but Alex did contribute to Encyclopedia Bombastica so that's okay.

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And all this despite being a pretty slow week in new releases and news.

The Iceland travelogue has to be the most professional video ever produced on this site and I'd like more of that.

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Best moment of the week: The Tom & Jerry moment Patrick witnessed between Vinny and a zombie in Cry of Fear.

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It was an all right week. 3/5.

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@shadowconqueror: "All in all, this week was a mixed bag. However, fans of the genre will still find this website compelling."

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I was thinking before I even saw this post, not so much about the ample video stuff, but that the Bombcast this week was probably top five of all time for me. No specific highlight stands out, just every story and tangent was high-quality and entertaining. Good times to be a GB fan right now.

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Thanks for the handy list of stuff I have to catch up on this week.

Rats off to everyone involved in content production.