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I've put off doing this for a while and have noticed there's more than a few Calgarians out there - so.

Anybody around these parts frequent GiantBomb? Would you be down to pour one out, then throw a few back in honor of Ryan Davis?

The Telegraph is a pretty dope place, I think it would be a fine location.


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If you come to Calgary! Deathbridge too far bro.

In retrospect, we probably should have organized a Stampede GB meetup.

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Man, I'd love to. Calgary's too far though!

It'd just be really cool to meet some duders 'round here.

Cowboy hats and whiskey shirts? That'd rock. There's always next year, when it's less flood-y.

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Sorry ETown for life.

Edit: Is this the entirety of GBs Alberta crew?

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Pity me but im up in fort mac.

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Nah man, there's been toooo many Calgary bombcast e-mails and mail bags.

That's why I'm so curious to see who's in Deathbridge.

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@laserbolts: I feel you pain. I have done my time up there and I don't plan on going back.

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Had this been a year ago I would of been down. Edmonton for me now.

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Wow. I never expected to see the name Lethbridge on Giant Bomb.

Edmonton here.

Nisku! Balzac!

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It feels like I'm getting clooooser...

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I may have to try this another way

or maybe just accept it. Hmmm.

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Trochu, Beamont, Sangudo!

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Sadly the giantbomb fans in Canada are spread thin over the country. If there ends up being a Calgary area meet up I'd like to attend.

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I'm from Calgary, but I don't have any way to get down there. sorry, man.

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Somehow I'm still here in Calgary too.

If there was something in town that involved drinking I'd probably show up.

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All of you come to Stony Plain cause I'm lazy.

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Calgary checking in here too. I'd be down for a meet up.

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This is why Canada was such a hard sell for the Giant Bomb World Tour. T_T

Anyhoo, I'll hop the train to catch y'all in Wainwright. And that fucker arrives at 3am, so you know I'm serious. (Edmonton's cool too.)

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I drive through Lethbridge every day. Unfortunately it's Lethbridge Newfoundland.

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Hey Lethbridge! I'm from there.

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I have a feeling there are people from that live in Lethbridge on here.. they just don't check the forums -_-

On that note, while I can't attend - lets set up a Calgary meet-up, but the only bar I've been to is the Gateway (which is more of a live music venue, I think)

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Well, one last shot?

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I'd be down for a meetup in Edmonton.

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Woah, more posts here than I thought there would be. Edmonton here

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Calgary here