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I think we have spammed the boards enough with the introductions and who is here from other gaming sites (gamespot, ign, gt, gi etc).  In the immortal words of Darth Vader,  " You can Dispense with the pleasantries, commander I am here to put you back on schedule."  Lets all of us do what we do best discuss games and their platforms. 

I am a Sony fanboy and I am here to tell you all that by the end of 2009 most of you xbots will have ps3s because of the awesome games that are coming out and all the capabilities of the system.  I personally think that Sony won E3 by putting on a show of first & second party titles that will be amazing,  MS all they did was buy ff13 to go multiplat,  and the  Wii well I feel sorry that you own one.  Good luck with cooking mama,  and all the rest of the shovelware you all get.  LEts go to work people.

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you do realize that this is just your opinion, others will think differently.

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>discuss games and their platforms.

Not really discussion is it? It's just fanboy bashing

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i think there needs to be a forum for fan boy bashing so people can avoid it

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Yes, this is the real "getting down to business" alright.

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Take your Sony fanboyism to the PS3 board. :p

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you can call me a playslave if it makes all cuddly inside. 

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Wow, this sure is an improvement over the introduction topics.


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So you can tell the future now?

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Xbots? Wow, that's really mature of you. Can't you just accept that different people like different things and leave them be? Also, Microsoft definitely had the upper hand at E3.

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u all need to stop being so sensitive,  i think its fun to argue on forums sometimes,  you all have taken this games war thing to a personal level as if you all get paid by these companies,  I do it for laughs.  but i guess you are just to much like crybabies.  oh well i guess.

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Fanboyism is a cruel disease. It is very irritating, especially when you share it with others.

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you all are crybabies,  lets discuss ff13 going to 360 for the millionth time ,  as a matter of fact why does any of it need to be discussed,  its been done to death hasnt it?

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Just give him a negative rating and move on.