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Spooky really wants to stream evo apparently and someone (Possibly him not sure) Started up this here petition. I know internet petitions never seem to work. But this is for something on the internet....so just maybe. 

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I would love him to do it, but I have a feeling that it just wont happen.  Will sign the petition anyways because I love his work.  Get hype people.

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Spooky does a good job on what he does but I feel uncomfortable on how he commented on LevelUp last year and having them responding back on Twitter. EDIT: Nevermind. Spooky explained the comment.
Just get KSK and have Godsgarden do it. :P

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I want Adam Sessler to do it. All the hardcore QQ'ing made for some great lulz.
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Already signed :D

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I am just gonna leave this here.  

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@Heartagram: For someone that supports spooky, you certainly didn't the memo that he already got the official response from evo and it wasn't a positive one. Also spooky himself said his fans already did everything they can and evo knows there is some support for spooky already, but its not like if spooky didn't stream it, they wouldn't get big numbers. I mean its effin EVO, everybody who is remotely interested would tune in sometime that weekend. 
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@StaticFalconar: I'm just passing along a link. I like his streams.
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Spooky is cool, but I'd probably rather it be handled by Level Up or iPlayWinner. 
And yes, hosted by Adam Sessler. A FLURRY FROM RICKY.

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I've found Spooky's streams to be way more reliable than LevelUp.