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Hey Folks,  
I'm a let's player on youtube. I was wondering if there was a community of Let's Players here on Giantbomb. I'm currently Lping Star Ocean: 'Till the End of Time, Kingdom Hearts, and some other stuff. 

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Can't say I've even ever heard of that.  Care to explain? Google didn't lend me much info.

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@brianbeatdown said:
" Can't say I've even ever heard of that.  Care to explain? Google didn't lend me much info. "
Lets play is when people record themselves playing a game and doing commentary. 
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Let's Plays seem to be a reoccurring topic here. I know there are a few members here that host their own Let's Plays. hamst3r being the most prominent in my mind. 
There are very few Let's Players I follow. Kikoskia and Tobuscus.

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I know that there are a few LPers on the site, but it's hardly a community. It's pretty much just Hamst3r and the staff.

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@flyingace16021: Can I have a link to your youtube channel? 
As well as Hamst3r i'm really enjoying  Aeterna's LP of   Mass Effect 1  
I did a thread ages ago asking about what LPs users watch and there are definately some fans of LPs. Have a look in the comment section and ask some of them.
Also I started a list of what LPs GB users like.   
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Nanosuitninja is/was a member on here, but he really hasn't been that active except for in a thread directly related to him. 
Except for him I only really know of Hamst3r
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@flyingace16021 said:
" Hey Folks,   I'm a let's player on youtube. I was wondering if there was a community of Let's Players here on Giantbomb. I'm currently Lping Star Ocean: 'Till the End of Time, Kingdom Hearts, and some other stuff.  "
Hamst3r has a series of Let's Play videos. 
Link us up, Id like to watch your stuff.
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@GetEveryone: I posted it on my profile, I'd love some feedback, if you'd like to watch. I've been trying to be better about editing sound, I think I'm doing much better about it. 
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One of the best parts of let's Playing is naming the episodes. ^.^

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Wow, I'd go crazy with compiling/uploading all of the shit I play... JUST TOO MUCH!

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currently watching FPSKyle's Fallout 3 LP. Watched his Fallout NV let's play and it was an awesome 80 part deal!

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I'm not doing anything like that, but I would like to. ;D do you guys have any advice? How to capture the games, best microphone setup, which specific programs would I need? Not trying to derail the thread, but I think it fits. I will check your stuff out.

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@brianbeatdown said:
" Can't say I've even ever heard of that.  Care to explain? Google didn't lend me much info. "
Its basically a bunch of stupid kids talking over gameplay footage. LPing is the worst thing in the world and you should all be lynched for the crime of supporting it. 
Its like endurance runs but with boring people. And sometimes the games are actually good which makes the commentary even more annoying.
Thank God for Retsuprae. The only form of justice on the internet. 
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@MysteriousBob:  You're always informative without being an asshole.
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@MrKlorox said:
" @MysteriousBob:  You're always informative without being an asshole. "
Thanks. :)
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@MysteriousBob: You do know Retsuprea also do Let's Plays, right?
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@MysteriousBob: Are any of your 3,890 posts not you being a dick?
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That reminds me, I was watching a play through of Toon Struck!  

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@Anwar: It really depends on what you want to LP. First of all, I'll explain my setup.  
I have a capture device ( http://www.amazon.com/Diamond-VC500-Touch-Capture-Device/dp/B000VM60I8/ref=pd_cp_e_2), which I connect to the composite cables from my ps2 or whatever console I'm recording from. It feeds into the accompanied software, which gives me video of the game. I don't record from that specifically, though. Recording directly from capture devices, in my experience, forces the framerate and video quality to take a big hit. So I use fraps ( http://www.fraps.com/) which I video capture off of the feed from the capture device. I think it keeps the quality way up considering the relatively simple capture device I use (don't use anything less, I tried and it was straight-up broken).  
For Audio, I prefer to use a headset, as I sometimes like to record laying down, and it allows me to move more. It does mean the audio quality takes a bit of a hit, as the headset tends to pick up a lot of extra noise. If you're gonna use a mic, make sure you use a mic stand (makeshift ones rarely work, although they can be funny. I recorded most of my Let's Marathon series with a mic in a vuvuzela, so take that as you will XD). I also use Audacity to edit audio ( http://audacity.sourceforge.net/)  'cause it's a really good program and it's free. I'd recommend using the 1.3.12 beta version, as I had some problems with the regular version. And I use Windows Movie Maker to edit video, which makes things terrible. But I haven't found anything better that doesn't cost 500 dollars.  
Advice: Do not videotape your tv. I don't know what the lp consensus is, as I'm fairly new, but I think it's kinda sketchy. I've only seen one that's done well, and he had a professional-grade set up.  
Anything else? Does that help?
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I started doing Let's Plays not too long ago. It's a fun little thing to do.

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@flyingace16021: thanks, that's a lot of useful information, I will look into it, buying all the extra crap I need and maybe MAYBE I will add some videos on yt :D
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I've wanted to do a Let's Play for a while now. I just haven't been able to do so yet, due to the lack of equipment to do it with. I probably would have to get a Dazzle or something like that.

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lets.. PLAYING ? 

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I like the idea of Let's Play videos, I've yet to really find someone who is entertaining or doesn't have an incredibly grating voice, though. I don't parituclarly see the worth in bashing those who do it, but hey, it's the internet, if you don't like something it's your goddamn duty to be a giant asshole about it, obviously.

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@MEATBALL: I understand what you're saying (My voice is pretty annoying, at least using a headset like I do). I would, if you don't mind British Accents, watching Helloween4545's Bioshock LP. His voice is very clean and fun to listen to, and he's really really funny.