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Yo I was just wondering how many of you guys and girls actually watch let's plays ? Do you watch them for the commentary , the game or both? For me personally its the commentors personality and humour that drives to watch them on Youtube .What are your favourite LPers and what makes you like them. my favourites are Northern lion , the Rad brad and the Yogscast guys just to name a few .I've also just began my own lets play videos and I know their kinda bad and the audio is wacky but I like doing it .I'm going to leave a link to my Youtube channel if you care to check it out please do and feed back is welcome. Btw I'm not spamming or anything Since I've started doing these videos It's got me thinking of the whole Let's play thing a lot more and I'm just curious as to what other people think of them. https://www.youtube.com/user/jonano12

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I enjoy the commentary more than the game, I like Jeff and Vinny, Chuggaconroy, NCS, Yogscast, Scottish Duck, LiamSixx.

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I've tried to get into NorthernLion, I really did. I just can't stand him saying "(insert anything about the situation) is bad/good for me" all the damn time. Sticks out like a sore thumb while watching for me.

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If ever I watch one, it will be of a game I've never played, so I think I'm initially more interested in seeing great/obscure games I missed out on, but the commentary keeps me watching.

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I've watched/read some of the ones on lparchive. most youtube lpers suck.

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@GeneralZod37: Aww you not like the stupid damage lol

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@damnable_fiend: I hope I'm a good one lol

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@damnable_fiend said:

I've watched/read some of the ones on lparchive. most youtube lpers suck.


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Y'all should check out overthegun on YT or overthegun.net for a series of let's plays called "HTSF" or How to Successfully Fail.

They're blind runs (or near to) featuring entertaining commentary, epic digressions, a broad yorkshire accent, and varying levels of rage. It's not for everyone, but if it's for you, you need to experience it.

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@jonano: I literally have no idea what you're talking about, but sure, why not?

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Oh its a Northern lion catch phrase on the binding of Issac lp he did .

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@jonano: Ah, ok lol. All I ever heard while watching 30ish of those was "This item is bad for me." "This room is very good for me." "This boss is bad for me." repeat ad infinitum.

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Northernlion's binding of isaac lets play has been an awesome, 135+ (and counting) adventure. I like that guys commentary, and usually get some laughs per episode.

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DarkId's screenshot lp's are the best. Otherwise I think Chip and Ironicus or Freelance Astronauts are funny.

They are not on youtube though, I think.

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@Hizang said:

I enjoy the commentary more than the game, I like Jeff and Vinny, Chuggaconroy, NCS, Yogscast, Scottish Duck, LiamSixx.

How dare you say Chugga and NCS, and not ProtonJon *stares*

Also I'm more of a Restsupurae kinda guy.

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That's what he said about her.

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I watched ScottishDuck's LP of Resident Evil Code Veronica bc I haven't played the game in years and totally forgot the whole story. At first I assumed the commentary was gonna suck but to my surprise I really enjoyed his commentary. I would suggest ScottishDuck for sure.

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I usually only watch the first few videos of a Let's Play to see what the game looks like so I get an idea if I want to play it or not. There are very few I've watched all the way through. The commentary is usually boring and the video/sound quality can be quite bad. There are probably some good ones out there, but I'm more interested in playing the games myself than watching someone else play through them.

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I used to watch some of the Yogscast stuff but now I just watch Retsuprae.

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i watch a gameplay of the game. it's usually on a game that i am interested in.

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I love LP's and watch/read tons of them. If you're into Minecraft then Etho's LP is pretty great. Also the Let's Play forum over at Something Awful is full of ongoing LP's. And lparchive.org is also a good source for LP's.