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My original title was "If you enjoyed any of the previous Picross games and would like Picross E/E2 to come stateside please email Nintendo and tell them (Link inside and sample text)" I didnt now about that highly restrictive character limit. I don't use the forums much but I figured why not try!

I posted this over on /r/3ds but I think it could do just a much if not more here. I find it baffling that Picross E isn't here, I hope you do too. I know some of a dear leaders (Jeff and Patrick) are connoisseurs of the art that is Picross. My hope is if more people than just me send them emails they might understand we want it. Nintendo is notorious for not listening to fans but it cant hurt. Also if you are on a board somewhere that could care try and mobilize them.


Hello, I enjoyed the Picross games that came out on the DS and would really like to play more of them on my 3DS. I know Picross E is done and localized and I was wondering if there are any plans to release it in North America.

Or something like this, I just want more Picross....... I've emailed them multiple times and get a boiler plate we aren't talking about x product thing.

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UPDATE: Here is the response I received


Thanks for contacting us again regarding your desire to see a Picross title for Nintendo 3DS systems. We understand that our fans are passionate about the games they enjoy and are eager to share that information with us. I can also appreciate your desire to get other fans involved with this and show their support for localization of Picross software released elsewhere.

With that in mind, I need to let you know that Nintendo typically does not respond to or take into consideration game petitions or write-in campaigns when planning future releases. While you may not know this, there are a variety of reasons that influence what games and products may be localized for our region.

The best way to let us know the types of games you would like to see from us is through the software that you purchase, as well as the post-play surveys we offer via Club Nintendo (https://club.nintendo.com/

). These surveys give you an opportunity to share (in your own words) what influenced you to purchase specific products.

If you're not currently a member of Club Nintendo, please check out our website for more details. If you are a member, then I would encourage you to respond to each and every survey that we offer.

Again, while we're certainly happy to document your strong feelings regarding Picross, I hope that you understand our position on this matter. I can only encourage you to continue checking our website's What's New section (http://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew

) for updates on expected Nintendo 3DS releases.


Karen Johnson

Nintendo of America Inc.